"Leading the ANAQUA IAM project has been an exciting foray into the IP space and created valuable oppo..."
Brendan Harney
Law Department Technology & Operations Administrator
"They couldn’t give us status updates on our records, they couldn’t tell us what was what. That right..."
Tim Melchior
Senior Legal Operations Analyst, Ingersoll Rand
"We want to move to a new level of operational efficiency that was just not possible with our existing..."
Alan Taboada
Managing Partner
"Driving and managing the growth in innovation is a strategic thrust for Nielsen as we expand our capa..."
Gene Potkay
Senior Vice President for Intellectual Property
"By integrating patent and portfolio management data in ANAQUA, the businesses are much better served..."
Bernie Graves
Chief Patent Counsel
"Anaqua is becoming an industry standard, Many of our clients migrated to Anaqua after we did. When as..."
Bruce E. Garlick
"We are committed to maintaining quality and efficiency, in part through the use of IP practice manage..."
Donald Lee
Assistant General Counsel and Director of Firm Services
"We were looking for a comprehensive IAM system that gave us world class functionality, flexibility, a..."
Tim Crean
Senior Vice President and Chief Intellectual Property Officer
"IP is a critical strategic asset for Microsoft. We have deployed the Anaqua IAM system to manage our..."
Marshall Phelps
Corporate VP & Deputy General Counsel, Intellectual Property and Licensing
"We wanted to bring our patent prosecution activity in-house to save costs and improve quality, and we..."
Chris Horacek
Associate General Counsel
"We needed a system that would allow us to access and analyze our portfolio more easily and at the sam..."
Stephen Reid
Senior IP Counsel
"The average or even above-average patent counsel will not live up to Ingersoll Rand’s expectations to..."
Bruce Schelkopf
Former Chief IP Officer
"Anaqua is the best data management system I've ever used. The applications are endless - it's not jus..."
Melanie Murdock
Senior Paralegal & Administrator
"It’s like having another person. The amount of time Anaqua saves us allows us to substantially increa..."
Sarah Henry
Patent Paralegal, O’Shea Getz
"Innovation and IP continues to be a major priority for Honda. As we move to a new phase of innovation..."
Hirokazu Bessho
General Manager, IP Division
"The formation of Honda Patents & Technologies, LLC, is a great example of Honda empowering regional I..."
Masahiro Hirota
General Manager, IP Strategy Planning

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