"We are a very forward-thinking firm always looking for new ways to add value to our advanced technolo..."
Eric Maschoff
Legal Services
"By integrating patent and portfolio management data in ANAQUA, the businesses are much better served..."
Bernie Graves
Chief Patent Counsel
"We wanted to move from our current in-house system to a new generation of patent management software...."
Lars Kellberg
Corporate Vice President
"Two weeks after we launched the ANAQUA system all of the staff was working on it and fully productive..."
Tove Fabritius de Tengnagel
IP Systems Manager
"With Innovation Centers in Austria, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, India, Singapore and C..."
Hans Pennings
Former Senior Vice President Intellectual Property & Licensing, IP Department, NXP Semiconductors
"One key benefit of Anaqua is the Users Group which has been formed. Talking to top-class IP owners ab..."
Toe Su Aung
Head of IP
"We created searches, ran them against HP, Samsung, and all our most interesting competitors, to see h..."
Adam Greyson
IP Technologist
"Anaqua is becoming an industry standard, Many of our clients migrated to Anaqua after we did. When as..."
Bruce E. Garlick
"Our inventors were unhappy with the inflexibility and lack of usability of the new system. For this a..."
Matt Holmes
Chief Patent Counsel
"IP is a critical strategic asset for Microsoft. We have deployed the Anaqua IAM system to manage our..."
Marshall Phelps
Corporate VP & Deputy General Counsel, Intellectual Property and Licensing
"Anaqua is taking us into the next generation of IP management with new levels of collaboration and pr..."
Mark Costello
Vice president, General Patent Counsel & Chief Strategy Counsel
"Really, the driver for us was try to create an environment where we had the least opportunity for err..."
Richard Getz
Patent Attorney, O’Shea Getz
"Anaqua provided the essential platform on which to build other efficiency and cost-saving measures wh..."
Michael Leathes
Head of IP
"We needed a system that would allow us to access and analyze our portfolio more easily and at the sam..."
Stephen Reid
Senior IP Counsel
"We sustain success—for our business and the people we serve—by staying true to key tenets upon which..."
Abbott Nutrition
"It’s like having another person. The amount of time Anaqua saves us allows us to substantially increa..."
Sarah Henry
Patent Paralegal, O’Shea Getz

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