"Customers' expectations are continually increasing. The market's becoming more competitive. There's m..."
Paul Hornby
Head of Ecommerce
"Mattress shopping isn’t traditionally thought of as a visual experience, but the truth is that mattre..."
Christopher Cucuzza
VP of IT
"Using Amplience, not only can we promote products, but we can also create a rich, adaptive user exper..."
Russell Harte
Group Technology Director
"Amplience has enabled us to design much more creative and engaging content for the site. We’ve invest..."
Sarah Lukins
Head of eCommerce
"Consumers expect to buy anything, anytime, and anywhere. The same [expectation] holds for content...."
Scott Lux
Vice President of Ecommerce and Digital
"Amplience was unique in its content management approach through its cloud platform, and gave us exact..."
Michael Forsström
Head of Unit, Online Systems and Solutions
"The Amplience solution is unique, has given us great results, and has improved our ability to merchan..."
Rebecca Smith
Head of eCommerce
"Amplience enables us to create compelling, localised content quickly and costeffectively, making it e..."
Chris Griffin
Head of eCommerce
"With Amplience, our team was able to automate and streamline image management. Dynamic Media empowere..."
Lauren Castellanos
Former Director of Digital Production
"In just six months we’ve created an engaging online shopping experience, thanks to the responsive and..."
Bill Quinn
Vice President Digital Commerce
"Amplience has reduced my team’s time to market by 10-20 percent and customer responsiveness to our va..."
Keith Neely
Vice President of Digital Marketing & eCommerce
"The Amplience Dynamic Media solution enables our customers to be confident in their purchase. Since t..."
Steven Suddarth
eCommerce Manager
"Working with Amplience, Demandware and Media Hive allowed us to start from scratch and transform our..."
Jennifer Scruggs
Director of eCommerce
"Using Amplience we can quickly and easily pull together animated carousels, interactive look books or..."
Tara Ffrench-Mullen
Global Marketing and PR Director
"Thanks to Amplience, the work required to create and maintain our digital assets has been cut to less..."
Sami Korhonen
Development Manager
"We’ve been able to create a really stunning site that completely immerses customers as they explore...."
Nicola Huet
Director of Digital

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