"With Amber Road, we are able to minimize false positive hits, from around 20% to as low as 0.5%, far..."
Ralf Liljestrand
Quality Manager, Flow Control
"Amber Road has become a significant component of OpenText's Export Compliance Program. OpenText is no..."
Douglas A. Young
Export Compliance Manager & Empowered Official
"Centralizing and automating our export control processes, and particularly our trade compliance, not..."
Mattias Lövensjö
Manager Group Function, Trade Compliance
"By implementing the Amber Road solution, we are able to take advantage of preferential duties, saving..."
Marilyn Dykstra
Project Manager Global Logistics, Trade and Compliance
"Amber Road's solution allows us to better manage our international transportation spending by providi..."
Eugene Galdi
Manager of Logistics
"We are increasing our visibility into air and ocean shipments, and improving our supply chain data re..."
David Kahn
Sourcing Manager
"The collaboration with Amber Road has enabled Fairchild to achieve global logistics processes that ar..."
Bob Scribner
Senior Manager Global Logistics
"We are legally compliant, which enables us to avoid penalties while supporting our efforts to ensure..."
Dieter Wintergerst
In-House Legal Counsel
"As a leader in technology with a multinational customer and supplier network, screening has become cr..."
Director, Regulatory Compliance and Senior Counsel
"For TALIS, Restricted Party Screening is just the beginning. With the modular structure of Amber Road..."
Manuela Tarasow
Trade Compliance Manager
"By deploying Amber Road's Export On-Demand solution, the University of Miami has improved its higher..."
University of Miami
Export Compliance Officer
"By implementing Amber Road's cloud-based platform, Caleres improved our supplier and partner collabor..."
Vice President, Supply Chain Planning and Operations
"The Amber Road system gives us the certainty that we can trade compliantly around the world...."
"As the world's premier measurement company, Agilent Technologies needed a truly global integrated imp..."
Agilent Technologies
Vice President Logistics
"We selected Amber Road for its ability to provide supply chain visibility and compliance solutions on..."
Import Export Compliance Officer
"Tyco looked at various solutions to optimize our company, our speed to market, our efficiencies and c..."
Vice President, International Trade Compliance

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