"The flexibility is what sold me on Ambassador. It works as a behind-the-scenes tracking service for c..."
Gideon Baldridge
"I spent months testing and searching referral programs before finally finding GetAmbassador. It's by..."
Chris Sherrill
Manager of New Business & Digital Product
"We've been fans of Ambassador since day one. They are paving the way for a much needed innovative way..."
Michael Radparvar
Founder, Holstee
"The ease of email, twitter, and unique URL creation to allow for anyone to refer a friend whether in..."
Suzanne EL Moursi
VP of Marketing
"Ambassador has been immensely helpful in Zirtual's ability to leverage our clients voices, and their..."
Erik Jensen
Cofounder, Zirtual
"Our favorite part is the ability to customize campaigns. Different people want different things, and..."
Joe Cross
"Ambassador is completely turnkey. The platform is intuitive and easy to use, and the feedback from ou..."
Home Goods, Services, & Pets Company
VP of Marketing
"Our company would much rather pay our clients, partners, and vendors the marketing money we’d otherwi..."
Royce Reed
Director & Owner
"It’s been super easy for our affiliates, influencers, and current customers to take advantage of the..."
Consumer Technology & Subscriptions Company
Co-founder and CEO
"Our company would much rather pay our clients, partners, and vendors the marketing money we’d otherwi..."
Pet Food Company
"Ambassador fully integrates with our eCommerce and payment platforms, the data integrity is really st..."
Consumer Technology & Subscriptions Company
Senior Manager of eCommerce
"Ambassador’s easy-to-use API makes it painless to generate referral analytics, create new referral ca..."
Software & Services Company
Senior Web Developer
"I’ve never been able to implement any type of software as quickly and efficiently as we did with Amba..."
Health and Fitness Company
VP of Marketing
"With Ambassador, there’s an incredible commitment to problem solving and delivering functionality tha..."
Solar Company
Marketing Specialist
"With Ambassador, everything is super simple and clear. I’ve been really impressed with their team, th..."
Fashion and Lifestyle Company
Chief Executive Officer
"Ambassador is an awesome marketing partner for us. The product is very flexible and does everything w..."
Sean Callaghan
Manager, CRM

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