"Once we looked at Alteryx Strategic Analytics, there was no contest. Alteryx was uniquely able to mee..."
Pat Garvey
Director of RFSM Services
"Long story short, it used to take hours and it was stressful and it was difficult if a last minute ch..."
Bill Abt
Senior Analyst & Real Estate Finance Manager
"Cardinal Health Alteryx helps the business analysts gain their independence by giving a common UI for..."
Roger Shiltz
Business Intelligence Manager
"We were no longer spending our 80% of our time merging data sources and processing our data, and we’v..."
Wendy Gradek
Consultant Product Manager, Advanced Proactive Service
"For Alteryx, the real benefit for us is being able to use datasets that could potentially be into the..."
Derek Morrell
Manager, Predictive Analytics
"The visualization tools weren't working for us and we knew that we were missing something. Then we st..."
Jason Cheung
Customer Advocacy Business Analytics Team Leader
"The main reason we chose Alteryx, and the reason we are using the platform more and more, is because..."
Jae Jun Soh
CRM & Business Intelligence Manager
"What I love most about Alteryx is that I feel that I can do almost anything with data and the best th..."
Nicholas Holst
Business Intelligence Manager
"I love the Alteryx platform. That’s what has driven my success and my ability to become a data analys..."
Shanalie Evans
Data Analyst
"Using Alteryx, we can move from a reactive maintenance program to a predictive maintenance program...."
Jesse Luck
Reliability Analyst
"I think Alteryx has a platform that's compatible with almost all the data sources in the world. I thi..."
Anujay Mathur
Senior Manager - Analytics
"The combination of Alteryx and Tableau has turned out to be working really brilliantly for our custom..."
Dan Jewett
VP of Product Management
"Earlier it could also be a challenge which topics the status meeting should address, because all the..."
Tina Hansen
Danica Pension
"With the Slide compiler, it is possible for us to have relevant and updated facts in our meeting prep..."
Michael Sørensen
Danica Pension
"Like many of my colleagues, I’m data literate and can use some old-school tools like Excel, SPSS and..."
Bill Olander
Fighting Hunger with Analytics
"I’ve been using Alteryx for more than 2 years being part of the Information Lab UK and going through..."
Benedetta Tagliaferri
Fighting Hunger with Analytics

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