"We can now easily do more thorough and accurate analyses on three times as many potential new franchi..."
Drew Moore
Senior GIS Analyst, Great Clips
"I downloaded a trial and within 5 minutes a process that would've taken me 25 minutes under our old a..."
Michael Barone
Predictive Modeling Analyst
"With Alteryx we will be able to dig deeper into our customer transaction data and find out more about..."
John LeTourneux
Senior Analyst
"If a club wants to know how many of its territory members are young and single or have young familie..."
Maggie Williams
Database Administrator, AAA
"We were no longer spending 80% of our time merging data sources and processing our data, and we’ve fl..."
Wendy Gradek
Consultant Product Manager, Advanced Proactive Service
"Alteryx Analytic Gallery applications run quickly some in only about two minutes and can even be acce..."
Deanna Sanchez
GIS Project Manager
"Our analysts are doing less low-value work and more highvalue, satisfying work, which keeps them ener..."
Tom Sturgeon
Director, Business Analytics
"With Alteryx, we are able to localize better, price better according to several different rules, like..."
Charles Coleman
Senior Analyst, Special Projects in Assortment Planning
"Alteryx makes me wiser than I was. I understand the data. It is liberating to use this tool...."
Chuck Green
"All of our outcomes and our data shows that we are very effective. We're looking at ways to be more e..."
Angela Brignole
Vice President of Perinatal Quality Initiatives
"With Alteryx we would generate multiple scenarios per day. For the business, it allowed the leadershi..."
Sanjiva Srivastava
Senior Manager, United States Compensation
"Alteryx allows me to do things I wouldn't be able to do without it, scalability wise. It gives me tim..."
Eric Okunevich
Product Line Manager
"When I use Alteryx, I feel empowered; I feel efficient. I don't have to do as much work writing all t..."
Bill Lyons
Principal Data Scientist
"I see Alteryx having a big impact on people that, like me, are not technical people but want to do th..."
Kirstin Catherine Lyon
Senior Operational Risk Officer
"What I like about Alteryx most is it's my Swiss Army knife. I can take any kind of data we have, do a..."
Paul Eykamp
Data Scientist
"We have connected systems, processes and employees to one another and made the benefits of that inter..."
Jim Kunce
SVP and Chief Actuary

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