"All of the things that I used to do in Excel that took even me, at my skill-level, hours now take min..."
Ben Morris
President and Owner
"Now that we have Alteryx, I can go in myself and blend together different tables across multiple data..."
Kristin Scholer
Marketing Analytics Manager
"Alteryx has actually created an opportunity to streamline a lot of those repetitive tasks which will..."
Jonda Martin
"We never really had a lockeddown process before. But now, with Alteryx, we can string these component..."
Erich Kaiser
Vice President of Data Processing and Special Projects, DatabaseUSA
"By using Alteryx, I can now recruit new, young computer engineering students, train them, and get the..."
Jerry Dailey
Vice President of Product and Content
"That first risk score in Alteryx took me three hours to build. And that was while we were in our Alte..."
Justin Winter
Manager, Supply Chain Management
"With Alteryx we would generate multiple scenarios per day. For the business, it allowed the leadershi..."
Sanjiva Srivastava
Senior Manager, United States Compensation
"I love the Alteryx platform. That’s what has driven my success and my ability to become a data analys..."
Shanalie Evans
Data Analyst
"When I use Alteryx, I feel boundary-less. There’s no problem out there that I haven’t been able to so..."
Adam Rant
Business System Analyst
"The impact Alteryx has had on our team is that it’s enabled us to build better collaborative relation..."
Jordan Howell
Lead Data Analyst
"If somebody was looking at Alteryx for the first time, I would say, 'Don't hesitate. Without a doubt..."
Jennifer Tornga
Manager - Global Supply Chain Analytics & Technology
"What I love most about Alteryx is the speed and ease of use and how it really processes the data fast..."
Arttu-Matti Matinlauri
Head of Development Analytics
"What I love most about Alteryx is that as a consultant when I walk in with clients who throw a challe..."
Joshua Burkhow
Analytics Evangelist, Practice Manager
"The benefit of Alteryx is that by building a work flow you can showcase quite transparently the busin..."
Adrian Loong
Analyst Consultant
"Like many of my colleagues, I’m data literate and can use some old-school tools like Excel, SPSS and..."
Bill Olander
Fighting Hunger with Analytics
"I’ve been using Alteryx for more than 2 years being part of the Information Lab UK and going through..."
Benedetta Tagliaferri
Fighting Hunger with Analytics

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