"By making this shooting incident as realistic as possible, it allowed us to properly assess our Emerg..."
Greg Nayor
Vice President of Student Affairs
"People recount seeing multiple computer screens all in rows light up with the desktop alert, and it w..."
David Bujak
Director of emergency management
"In an age of improvement like the present, society does not rest satisfied with the achievement of me..."
Edward Miner
Gallaudet University
"I’m very excited to install the text-to-speech system in our science center, I want to add this to ot..."
Chris Jones
Associate Vice President for Technology & Operations
"During the simulation, the Alertus System gave us a timely warning and functioned without any issues...."
Janet Bird
Assistant Director of Public Safety
"I think the Alertus system is self explanatory. It’s so simple; it’s pretty much idiot proof. It allo..."
Frank Zebedis
Chief of campus police, and Patrice Bruneau, director of technology services
"We used to give all of our administrative staff and principals pagers, and we found that people didn..."
Jeff Blank
Supervisor of Networking
"The Alertus solution allows us to connect multiple command centers so that if someone issues an alert..."
Steve Morash
Director of Emergency Response Planning
"We wanted the Alertus system to use existing overhead paging systems in each of the facilities so tha..."
Bret Martin
Director of Fire, Life Safety, and Utilities
"For example, an alert that has no pertaining information to our off-site clinics, then there’s no rea..."
Jason Sufka
Security operations supervisor
"There were gaps in our communication for routine and emergency alerts, many areas in the facility did..."
Daniel Anderson
Management Program Manager
"It doesn’t have to be a chemical incident, It can be any kind of emergency that could require a lockd..."
Ryan Holzaepfel
Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator
"To protect the lives and property of all residents when major disasters threaten public safety in any..."
Jonathan Ayers
Director of Emergency Management
"The chance of surviving an active shooter situation drops dramatically when you stay in the building,..."
Jeff Gray
Vice President of Information Technology
"A next step may be to have emergency notification pushed through cell phones, We aim for automatic co..."
Catherine Hughes
Director of Building Operations
"We don’t have a siren system or a PA system, but just using the Alertus Desktop in conjunction with e..."
Maurice Kiely
Assistant Director of Campus Security

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