"With AlertMedia, we're pushing the limits of what mass notification can do. AlertMedia worked several..."
Six Sigma Black Belt
"We knew that AlertMedia was going to deliver many more features than our current product. Our account..."
Tokyo Electron
Senior Director
"Fabulous mass communication system that has exceeded our expectations across the board!..."
Senior Manager
"I love the ease of use of the products and my entire executive team has been impressed with the capab..."
United Capital Financial Advisers
Director of Platform Onboarding
"AlertMedia products are slick, elegant and essentialist. The ease of API integration was outstanding...."
Lathrop Gage
Chief Information Officer
"When I found AlertMedia, I was amazed at the abilities of the system, and the abilities of the employ..."
Health Safety Specialist
"Making sure we reach the right group of members at the right time is a never-ending chore. We want to..."
The Y in Central Maryland
Director of Philanthropy Campaigns & Online Marketing
"With AlertMedia, we’re able to send timely communications to our employees, keeping them in the loop..."
Brittni Markwardt
Office Manager
"As a financial services institution, the ability to communicate when disaster hits is vital to minimi..."
Lawrence Robert
Vice President of Business Continuity & Risk Management
"During an emergency, it wasn’t acceptable to continue to rely on dated communication methods, especia..."
Tom Porter
Former Director of Human Resources & Administration
"Home health care workers face unique safety risks not found in traditional health care settings. Safe..."
Kristen Husen
Home Care & Hospice Director
"Our original provider took weeks to figure out why a subset of our users was not receiving mobile mes..."
John Hargrove
Chief Information Officer and Vice President of IT
"Working with the AlertMedia team is one of the best customer experiences I’ve ever had...."
Technology Support Specialist
"I would strongly encourage employers to consider these types of apps for employees who might find the..."
Dan Olds
Gabriel Consulting Group
"In an emergency, workers don't have time to enter a password, swipe a screen to activate an app and t..."
Todd Weiss
"I have argued for things like this ever since I got mugged in front of my own home and was unable to..."
Rob Enderle

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