"Akeneo PIM is very intuitive. It has the most simple interface we have ever seen!..."
Jon Vivers
VP of Search & Analytics
"Our website release cycle dropped from 3-6 months to 2 weeks using the same people...."
Kyle Minor
Web Developer / PIM Project Architect and Admin
"Availability, speed of integration and open-source: these are the three Akeneo key factors of success..."
Renaud Montin
Marketing and Digital
"We needed a simple tool with a functional interface that could be handled by people with different sk..."
Roxane Ferrand
Project Manager
"We took ownership of this new tool very quickly. A few hours using it were sufficient for us to becom..."
Daniel Valentin
"Akeneo has been a game changer for my company...."
Mike Liberman
"After installing the PIM system, our conversion rate multiplied by 4...."
Raphael Seroussi
Founder and CEO
"Before, we only updated our products on the website 4 times a year, now we can do it on a daily basis..."
Patrick Dijkhof
Content marketer and responsible for the PIM system
"PIM has provided us with the opportunity to structure our product information in an attractive format..."
Mathieu Alia
Group Product Manager
"In the fashion world, everything moves quickly. With Akeneo, we can now respond much quicker to chang..."
Steven King
Head of Technology
"Akeneo fits all of our requirements so the choice was clear. The functionality and integration with M..."
Ajeesh George
Team Lead Developer
"Due to its intuitive user interface, the PIM was well-accepted and our process of transformation was..."
Matthias Ackeret
Online Marketing Manager / PIM Project Manager
"Akeneo is a real milestone of the expansion of Espacio Industria...."
Emiliano Sammartino
Project Manager
"Akeneo PIM allowed us to throw ourselves in a global and omnichannel approach...."
Aurélie Leininger
Digital Manager
"We wanted total freedom to take creative license with our product presentation, and needed a simple,..."
Amandine Marousez
Project Manager and Business Analyst

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