"What I love about Airtable is I can track all of our 30 to 60 projects we’re working on at any given..."
Rachael Profiloski
Director of Development
"At Medium we were able to transition our product planning to Airtable in one day - we use it for all..."
Chris Fry
Head of Engineering
"We're growing our company to provide people with an affordable solution to the distractions of the op..."
Sam Johnson
"It’s allowed us to get a much more specific snapshot of our teams, enabling us to staff people to the..."
Marissa Grey
Recruitment Director
"We make fewer errors, because we have a good model for data input and storage, and we're not manually..."
Ryan Meehan
Pali Hawaii Sandals
"The value of Airtable is that it allows you to jumpstart the process of building software. You can es..."
Jonathan Kennell
Vice President of Product Management
"We work with clients to strategize how they want to position themselves in their industry, and how we..."
Caitlin Bartley
Chief Executive Officer
"It’s really made a difference to the way we work as an editorial team. It’s a simple way for the whol..."
George Theohari
"Within the first few months, we'd already saved close to 300 hours of manual data entry–labor of copy..."
Julien Clement
Principal Program Strategist
"For us, Airtable became more effective because of how flexible it is Since we started doing this for..."
Camilo Barrero
Customer Experience Specialist
"Some of our best ideas come from times that we’re not sitting in the office, but we’re out there coll..."
Allie Burns
Director of Creative Operations
"Having an outlet entirely focused on [content created by athletes] seemed like a savvy direction. The..."
Dan Treadway
Deputy Editor
"Our producer wanted a lot of information, and it was really hard to cram all that information into a..."
Matt Levie
Post-Production Supervisor
"Our logistics officer schedules shipments and makes sure that manufacturing is not overloaded. Now, t..."
David Evans
Head of Product
"I didn't know how much I could tailor the bases. Each base is exactly what we need, when we need it...."
Erica Solano
Time Magazine
"The key to Airtable is the flexibility and simplicity. Usually, if you have a tool that’s very flexib..."
Diana Adamson
Executive Director

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