"We are using the best scientific information available to us to help the industry learn where we can..."
Sarah Drew
Impact Programs Manager
"People will give us specific topics, and we use an algorithm we built to pull relevant and fresh stor..."
Ranjan Roy
"Airtable has changed the game for us from an organizational standpoint. We use Airtable for everythin..."
Rachel Cone-Gorham
Executive Director for Digital & Social Marketing
"We make fewer errors, because we have a good model for data input and storage, and we're not manually..."
Ryan Meehan
Pali Hawaii Sandals
"Over the years, I’ve tried all sorts of tools to track our deals, including Salesforce, RelateIQ, and..."
Ryan Delk
Head of Business Development
"We work with clients to strategize how they want to position themselves in their industry, and how we..."
Caitlin Bartley
Chief Executive Officer
"All of the sheets have so many people using them. Airtable is more of a database so it’s a lot harder..."
Sura Hart
Marketing Manager
"I was amazed that I couldn't really find anything that I thought was really fundamentally solving the..."
Rachel Carrell
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
"Some of our best ideas come from times that we’re not sitting in the office, but we’re out there coll..."
Allie Burns
Director of Creative Operations
"It’s a science. We cannot force a community, but we can create an environment that encourages it. We..."
Adam Neumann
CEO and Co-Founder
"We have site maintenance records and onsite storage facility to track as well. We even have a table t..."
Ricky Aycock
Tranter’s Creek Resort and Campground
"Any time we have a failed component in the field, I record the information in here...."
Victor Lane
Operations Manager
"Our content plan went from a document that was only helpful to me to a resource that is used by every..."
Candice Grevious
Digital Content Manager
"Airtable really helped us refine our workflows so that we could collaborate with all our subject matt..."
Emily Katz
Leads Learning and Organizational Development
"I can’t thoroughly lead and delegate if I don’t have a working knowledge of all of the parts that nee..."
Barry Privett
Lead Singer
"The key to Airtable is the flexibility and simplicity. Usually, if you have a tool that’s very flexib..."
Diana Adamson
Executive Director

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