"With AgilOne, we can do email segmentation in minutes and personalize offers based on behavior. Sendi..."
Charlie Cole
"AgilOne has been huge as far as segmenting our list, helping us understand our customers; where they..."
Clayton Shumway
eMail Marketing Manager
"We used AgilOne to analyze what our customers were buying. I didn’t know our customers were segmented..."
Ric Kostick
CEO, 100% Pure
"With AgilOne, we have a marketing strategy that understands each and every customer. Customer retenti..."
Mark Ellis
CFO, PetCareRx
"AgilOne provides us with the right level of marketing analytics that we need to improve our marketin..."
Bora Cetiner
CRM Manager
"AgilOne is the only tool that can tell us how our marketing are impacting the customer in the long vi..."
Wesley McMahon
VP, Marketing, AMain.com
"If you don’t have the time or money to do data science in house, but you care about hyper-targeted an..."
George Shehata
VP, CRM, Shaklee
"Arcelik gains its competitive advantage from being a customer-first technology company, with the help..."
Hakan Bulgurlu
"Using AgilOne as our Customer Data Platform, we have been able to increase site visits up to 50%, inc..."
Miguel Almeida
EVP Digital
"A two-time buyer spends three to four times more with us than a one-time buyer. AgilOne helps us boos..."
Leland Kass
VP Marketing
"AgilOne's data has really allowed us to deeply understand each and every customer down to a profile l..."
Dan Pingree
VP Marketing
"AgilOne helped us consolidate and make sense of our data. For the first time, we have an actionable s..."
Serpil Berkan
Marketing Manager, Mavi
"AgilOne's predictive analytics technology will help us understand our widely varying customer base, a..."
Tushar Adya
President & COO, Dylan's Candy Bar
"We operate in a very competitive marketplace. Unifying our customer data and analytics with AgilOne a..."
Rick Mershad

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