"I would absolutely recommend Agiloft. The tool works just the way I expect it to. The cost is reasona..."
Sarah Danforth
Web Design Team Manager
"I enthusiastically endorse Agiloft. It’s an excellent value and highly flexible. You’ll be amazed at..."
Tim Hicks
Customer Support Manager
"Agiloft makes it easy to add features, products, contacts, and companies...."
Tim Schnettler
Director, Business Group Operations Support Services
"The system just kept allowing us to do more, modifying it to our needs, and it never said ‘Stop, you..."
Greet Verellen
"Yuhao made sure we didn’t exceed the implementation budget. Still, he was always available to us...."
Catherine McCaffrey
Senior Stock and Contracts Administrator
"Our process takes 80% less overall effort now than it did with the old system...."
Tim Bradley
Chief Executive Officer
"Agiloft is so customizable. It’s the best combination I’ve ever seen with the versatility for public..."
Jeff Brown
Contract Specialist
"End users love the interactive experience. The solution is adaptable to everything that we’ve needed...."
Colleen Yenser
Director of Technology
"Agiloft really worked with us. We can’t recall them ever saying no. Literally anything we brought to..."
Sue Gallagher
Tech Administrator
"When Onex acquired Kodak’s Health Group, we needed to replace a complex and highly customized Vantive..."
Richard Miller
Technical Project Manager
"Agiloft has been a strategic tool, allowing us to grow over the last few years...."
Mike Miller
Data Intensity
"Time savings and the accuracy of data are the biggest benefits. The system is very reliable and dynam..."
Ryan Barrett
Sales Manager
"Based on our experience with Agiloft and what the other vendors offered, it seemed an easy choice. It..."
Julie Bealer
BI Analytics
"Our eyes have been opened and some of the things we dreamed about years ago have been realized. Thing..."
John Cocchi
Special Projects Coordinator
"Whatever you dream, you can do with Agiloft...."
Steve Watson
Assistant Deputy Director
"90% of required communications are now automated. The data contracts management process requires us t..."
Elena Goloborodko
Secure Data Services Manager

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