"We're super satisfied with our enterprise PIM solution. Agility has made a significant contribution t..."
Dean Mueller
VP of Marketing & Business Intelligence
"Agility changed the way our company works. It streamlined processes, cleaned data, and created ‘one s..."
Nick Cook
Brand Director, EMEA
"We recently invested in Agility to enable us to turn our product information into a strategic asset a..."
Nick Hildtich
Marketing Services Manager
"We are fortunate to have a very collaborative team across Office Depot Inc. and Agility Multichannel..."
Cynthia Rodgers Maignan
Director, E-Commerce Content Strategy & Management
"Technically, Agility was a great fit for Specialist Crafts, and the ease and speed with which the sol..."
Nick Beavon
Managing Director
"Agility Multichannel's Data and Asset Sync, together with their Previews feature for in-context appro..."
Mark Smith
CEO & Chief Research Officer
"Agility enables us to integrate our data from multiple sources and provides a single interface for op..."
Stuart Taylor
Web & eTrading Manager
"The richest meaning of 'multichannel' refers to using individual channels to support the success of a..."
Picky Malhotra
Director of Catalog, Content & Data Management
"All too often, vital data is managed separately through compartmentalized silos and incompatible proc..."
Hub Designs
"With AMI we can precisely put the correct information for editing in front of the right partner witho..."
Graham Corps
IT Director
"Agility is a fantastic product, with a great team of people behind it...."
Andrew Parkhouse
Operations Director

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