"We are now the largest online data exchange and respond to requests 2 trillion times a month using Ae..."
Alex Hooshmand
Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer & Senior Vice President Operations, BlueKai
"Combining the cost-effective, high performance of Internap’s bare-metal cloud and Aerospike’s NoSQL d..."
Elad Efraim
Chief Technology Officer, eXelate
"For our real-time trading and dynamic creative engines, Aerospike is unbeatable. Aerospike provides t..."
Jakob Bak
CTO, Adform
"After we ran all the vendors through our testing suite, it became clear that Aerospike’s performance..."
David Peterson
SVP of Technology, Advertising Automation Cloud
"When it comes to online advertising fraud detection, speed and reliability are crucial. With Aerospik..."
Matt Vella
Chief Technology Officer
"With Aerospike, we can push through huge price changes while maintaining the same response time expe..."
Amitabh Misra
Vice President of Engineering
"Our goal was to be able to put a billion users into place and access any one of their records in, you..."
John Krystynak
Founder and Chief Technology Officer
"Aerospike helps us to retrieve a larger amount of information in real time with predictable latency...."
Mansoor Alicherry
Head of Engineering
"Each day, Aerospike helps us manage hundreds of millions of user profiles, and it reliably provides s..."
Valery Vybornov
Head of R&D, Imhovi
"Aerospike’s 24/7 support has been instrumental to the success of our deployment and replication effor..."
Shlomi Aflalo
VP, Research and Development
"Of course, the story was not quite happy because it was not open source at that time. It costs, actua..."
Tadas Pivorius
"The first step that made us move to Aerospike was, actually, stability. Our first move with Aerospike..."
Ido Barkan
Software Architect
"The Williams-Sonoma, Inc. e-commerce custom platform leverages a variety of open source packages and..."
Sameer Hassan
VP of eCommerce and Marketing
"We run Aerospike heavily, peaking at 3 Million reads per second and well over 1 1/2 million writes a..."
Geir Magnusson
CTO, AppNexus
"AppNexus* operates at massive scale while paying close attention to the economics of the platform. Ae..."
Timothy G Smith
Senior Vice President Technical Operations
"We were able to adapt and configure the Aerospike system to a very specific use case, and that was ex..."
Yoav Naveh
CEO and Co-founder, Contextin

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