"By integrating through the Adyen platform, Evernote is able to reach Alipay's wide user base in China..."
"Prior to Adyen, we weren’t able to be as local as we wanted, especially in relation to our businesses..."
Harvey Bierman
Vice president of E-Commerce Technology and Operations
"To me it was very obvious what the power of the Adyen solution is in terms of vision and pace of inno..."
Roy Scheerder
Chief Commercial Officer
"Adyen helps us think more clearly about whatever journey the customer has taken who they are, what th..."
Dominique Essig
Chief Experience Officer
"eBay’s global marketplace operates in over 190 markets, and Adyen brings to the partnership a broad g..."
Alyssa Cutright
VP, Global Payments
"At Aeroméxico, we are pioneers in launching new ways to sell and pay for tickets. Having an advanced..."
Anko Van Der Werff
Chief Revenue Officer
"Working with Adyen for both ecommerce and point of sale clearly enables omnichannel shopper journeys...."
Henri Legentil
IT Omnichannel Consultant
"The fluidity and simplicity of the customer journey is a key challenge in building the perfect online..."
Martin Balas
"What’s allowed Agoda and Adyen to continue the relationship over the years is that we are very like-m..."
Darren Makarem
Vice President, Commercial Finance
"Adyen offers a 1-2% cost advantage over other on- and offline payment methods available in Oriflame g..."
Marcus Fogel
Senior Director Global Online
"Thanks to Adyen, we have been able to enter the Chinese market quickly and easily...."
David Vallin
Head of Ecommerce
"notonthehighstreet.com is disrupting the way people shop, in the same way Adyen is disrupting the way..."
Harriet Morgan
Checkout & Payments Product Manager
"If you come in first with a payment strategy that works, you can build a successful platform in every..."
Andy Botha
Chief Commercial & Financial Officer
"Adyen has a great understanding of our business and together we make it grow. This results in a win-w..."
Terry Leroyer
Payments Analyst
"Rock solid partner. Always willing to help us grow our business...."
David Martin
Chief Executive Officer
"We faced a complex integration process, but Adyen moved fast, making sure that our app was ready to p..."
Alvaro Pellejero

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