"The fact that both companies happened to use the same Medics systems from ADS made the technology int..."
Mike Christie
"We have always enjoyed a unique and rewarding relationship with ADS, ADS was eager to work with us to..."
Donald Scott Featherman
MD, Head
"It would have made no sense to get a RIS from one vendor and a PM / billing system from another when..."
Robert Klein
University Diagnostic Medical Imaging
"A lot of systems won’t let you do this, because they only capture the posting date. If a client wants..."
Lisa Boyd
President and Founder
"When we began with MedicsRCM we had revenues delayed for almost 180 days. Now, 90% - 95% of receivabl..."
Gladys Serrano
Chief Executive Officer
"Our systems from ADS have produced an immeasurable return on investment and efficiencies throughout t..."
Marc Prager
MD/Medical Director
"We value how the system really does help us capture every maximized dollar for every patient visit. M..."
Rory Hansen
Practice Administrator
"There was almost an immediate uptick in revenue (with MedicsRCM) which was extraordinary...."
David Fischler
Medical Director
"MedicsPremier brought with it an extraordinary, nearly 99% success rate on our first attempt clearingh..."
Leoncio V. Gonzalez
"The MedicsPM system operates effortlessly, produces revenue as promised, is very non-support intensiv..."
Steven Gronowitz
Chief Information Officer
"We’ve been using the ADS Medics PM and EHR for years. The software is excellent and now, ADS is getti..."
Marsha Schaffer
Practice Manager
"MedicsPM is an absolutely great practice management system with a number of specialty-specific capabi..."
Virginia Soden
Practice Administrator
"We have been an ADS client for over twenty years which pretty much says it all. This is especially tr..."
Terry Dolan
"ADS has been able to incorporate assessment and outcome management tools that contribute to the ongoi..."
Tony Comerford
PHD,Chief Executive Officer
"The integration between the MedicsPM and MedicsEHR works well from the point of scheduling an appoint..."
Dede Perry
Practice Administrator
"We are managing thousands and thousands of patient visits across the entire enterprise and millions o..."

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