"Over the past decade, our ADS systems have grown right along with us. As we continue to grow, we full..."
Kurt Reimann
Managing Director
"The fact that both companies happened to use the same Medics systems from ADS made the technology int..."
Mike Christie
"In our opinion, any vendor who said that moving from paper to electronic is easy doesn’t have a clue,..."
Lucy Allen
Clinical Director
"We have always enjoyed a unique and rewarding relationship with ADS, ADS was eager to work with us to..."
Donald Scott Featherman
MD, Head
"It would have made no sense to get a RIS from one vendor and a PM / billing system from another when..."
Robert Klein
University Diagnostic Medical Imaging
"A twenty year track record of success with one vendor is almost unheard of, but it is exactly what we..."
Doreen Jacobs
Practice Administrator
"Efficiency, workflow, cash flow, productivity, return on investment and security are things we are co..."
Stuart J. Fischer
Summit Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine
"When we began with MedicsRCM we had revenues delayed for almost 180 days. Now, 90% - 95% of receivabl..."
Gladys Serrano
Chief Executive Officer
"Here is where we found ourselves marching to our own heartbeat. With practices in the area being pres..."
Elhami Dahhan
Practice Administrator
"We really love the system. It’s easy to use, has created immense efficiencies, and has automated the..."
Hazar Dahhan
MD, Founder
"The system is priceless in terms of how it generates revenue for us, and helps ensure we’ll be paid f..."
Boris Keisserman
"MedicsPremier brought with it an extraordinary, nearly 99% success rate on our first attempt clearingh..."
Leoncio V. Gonzalez
"ADS has been able to incorporate assessment and outcome management tools that contribute to the ongoi..."
Tony Comerford
PHD,Chief Executive Officer
"The MedicsEHR for Pain Management streamlines our workflow and allows us to see more patients more ef..."
Ravi Venkataraman
Founder & President
"Our cash flow increased dramatically while still allowing us to produce good documentation of our cli..."
John Getgey
Clinical Director
"The integration between the MedicsPM and MedicsEHR works well from the point of scheduling an appoint..."
Dede Perry
Practice Administrator

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