"Because of Adobe Sign, we can spend more time analyzing our choices and hiring the best educators for..."
Kerri-Ann Nesbeth
Sr. Recruitment Data and Strategy Coordinator, Achievement First
"From a business standpoint, we've seen the incidence of redlining on custom contracts reduced by 50%..."
Bill Binch
Vice President, Sales and Customer Succes
"With Adobe Sign, we’re dramatically reducing administrative work so that our teams can concentrate on..."
Dan Juckniess
Chief Sales Officer
"Our process with Adobe Sign is efficient, compliant, and creates a professional impression. The Adobe..."
Piran Scott
Divisional Finance Director
"Using Adobe Sign, the digital transformation has allowed our agents to leave their desks and get into..."
Stacey Rowston
Course Advisor
"Capitalizing on the high initial interest from customers, our telesales team closes 93% of agreements..."
Emma Lamb
Telesales Manager
"With the tracking feature in Adobe Sign, we always know where the document is. If there are any delay..."
Benjamin Philipps
HR Administrator, Human Resource
"We set up an efficiency program to lay the foundation for a competitive and successful future within..."
Michael Heilmann
Associate Director Process Excellence, Global Regulatory and Affairs
"We save about 15 minutes per internal document. When you consider that we process more than 600 docum..."
Inga Schöbel
Manager Research and Development, Marketing
"If you can click a mouse, you can make Adobe Sign work for your company and your customers...."
Curt Davis
Marketing Manager
"Document tracking capabilities in Adobe EchoSign help us form a clear audit trail ending in easily ac..."
Meg Watkinson
HR Coordinator
"Integrated with our CRM — NetSuite, Adobe EchoSign enables us to have a complete process for initiati..."
Chris Thuel
Legal & Compliance Manager
"Adobe EchoSign has become an essential part of how we engage new customers and contractors. Email ale..."
Lyn Tobin
CMS Manager
"Adobe EchoSign reduces signing time, improves tracking, and provides a more robust contract managemen..."
Thomas Swinbourne
Sales Project Manager
"In today’s world, our customers want to process everything online and with Adobe Sign we are able to..."
Marion Evers
Project Controller, Demand and Operations Management
"Once the papers left our hands, it became impossible to tell where contracts were or how soon they wo..."

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