"As a startup, I wanted 100% reliability on the contract front. Adobe Sign is easy to use, yet sophist..."
Mike Witherspoon
Co-Founder and Solution Architect
"The Adobe EchoSign solution is so intuitive that groups can get started with minimal training and we..."
Emily Teuben
Legal Operations Manager
"We can complete contracts in minutes and meet deadlines that would have been impossible without lever..."
Connie Brenton
Director of Operations and Chief of Staff, Legal Department
"EchoSign creates automated workflows that dramatically reduce the amount of hands-on work for Say Med..."
Jason Crain
Associate General Counsel
"Adobe Sign gives our workflows the boost we need to improve productivity and reduce costs...."
Edgar Zamora
Head of CRM
"Adobe Sign is the linchpin of our new digital workflow. With its strong integrations with existing Mi..."
Dave Thalacker
Senior Director of IT Operations and Network Security
"Adobe Sign freed time previously spent administering contracts to allow us to focus on hiring and sup..."
Anne Agergaard Pøhls
Talent Attraction and Recruitment Specialis
"Our average turnaround time for contracts has gone from 28 days to 7 hours with Adobe Sign. Customer..."
Andrea Swann
Global Admin Lead
"Adobe Sign is incredibly easy to use, helping administrators process paperwork associated with proper..."
Cheryl Fulcher
Office Manager
"Adobe Sign gives us the efficiencies we need to simplify contract paper workand improve Member servic..."
Dale Chapman
Acting Executive Manager of Business Solutions
"Adobe EchoSign gave us an efficient, accelerated workflow that helped us process 5,000 documents in j..."
Lieutenant Chris Galvez
Tulare County Sheriffs Office
"Being able to conduct transactions anytime, anywhere is an essential element for online transactions..."
Tatsuya Urushihara
Managing Director
"Our average turnaround time for signed contracts with Adobe Sign is 1.3 hours. Considering that it us..."
Nikki Brennan
Contract Coordinator
"Adobe Sign delivers the trackability and visibility we were missing from the contract process...."
Shobana Krishnan
Contract Administrator
"Adobe Sign delivers speed and efficiency to our contract management workflow. Implementation of Adobe..."
Claus Michael Andersen
Senior Manager, Legal Department
"Using Adobe Sign to complete service contracts, we’re digitizing the last mile of the customer journe..."
Kirsty Goddard
Head of Digital & Innovation

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