"People don’t have time to learn something entirely new every time they want to use new software, so w..."
Amy Gressell
Digital Asset and Creative Systems Manager
"Previously, we always had to be aware of the software and versions used by our colleagues. If a desig..."
Kristoff Krowchenko
Senior Graphic Designer, Global Creative Services
"We used to field about 70 requests a week just for image assets. Marketers often work on tight deadli..."
Pat Hardy
Creative Director
"Adobe programs teach designers how to structure and present their ideas in a meaningful way on a dail..."
Samantha Ricken
"Managing software licenses is a breeze now. We simply assign licenses to people and we don’t have to..."
Michael Macarthur
IT Manager
"Finance is happy that we can add creative licenses at a low cost per month as we bring on new designe..."
Cornelius Brackett
Media Specialist
"I spend half as much time now managing licenses with Adobe than I did previously with boxed software...."
Kenneth Mok
Director of IT
"Our students are fully equipped with the entire range of skills needed for the media and creative ind..."
Benhur Ong
Vice Chancellor for Administration
"I see the excitement from the students who have a newfound passion for their creative work. They are..."
Nicky Templo-Perez
Dean, School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies
"We are fortunate to have companies like Adobe that value working closely with us to help us fulfill o..."
Ganesh Iyamperumal
Managing Director
"Over the last few years, we have realized that it is critical to keep up with the latest technologies..."
D. Kalidas
Technical Manager
"Videos, animations, and illustrations can make it clearer for customers to see how systems operate an..."
Liz Gianneschi
Senior Marketing Communications Manager, Global Marketing Services
"In UI design, it’s critical to build consensus among stakeholder groups, such as development, marketi..."
Yoshifumi Tanaka
Member of the System Development Group
"Using Adobe Photoshop Fix will enable me to do these things in the field, which is very convenient. A..."
Yoko Taniguchi
Marketing Communication
"Face-to-face communication with local designers is only possible for a limited period of time during..."
Naomi Katsuyama
Head Designer of the Design Room
"Nissin Foods is known for being the first to invent instant noodles, so for us, it is incredibly impo..."
Hiroki Yamamoto
Head Designer of the Design Room

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