"Working with Adobe, we’ve already been able to go further, faster, with less effort to develop a solu..."
Tab Butler
Director, Media Management and Post Production
"The ability to get frequent software updates is exciting...."
Elizabeth Hansen
"This has made our design staff very happy because there is no need to re-import data when decisions t..."
Naoki Iizuka
Planner of Content Services of Sales and Consulting
"Within 10 minutes, the art director at Platinum was looking at the image and our feedback on his phon..."
Jasper Yu
Art Director
"We consider ourselves a consumer-focused marketing agency, Digital marketing allows us to reach consu..."
Jasper Graf Von Hardenberg
Executive Strategy Director
"We’ve doubled our staff, but with greater productivity, we’re producing about five times the content..."
Anna Laura Sylvester
Business Director
"We need creative technology that can keep pace with the challenges of online retailing. Adobe is the..."
Derek Boyles
Head of Creative
"We have 1,300 Gusto restaurants nationwide, and until now, we created the same sales promotion tools..."
Hiromichi Taniguchi
Sales Support Team, Restaurant Operation System Group
"Companies developing only one single brand have difficulties responding to those changes, and are oft..."
Katsuya Ando
Restaurant Operation System Group Sales Support Team Leader
"The development of different publishing formats and their evolution require constant attention and a..."
Paul Wallemacq
Production Director
"We evaluated other products on the market and no other solution offers the flexibility and speed of i..."
Jacques Pinpin
Project Manager
"All of the modules fit together easily, so if we update or add on any solution, everything will conti..."
Christy Grenga
"Unfortunately, it is not always easy to meet these demands. Migrating to the complete plan has finall..."
Taku Yamamoto
Deputy General Manager of Office of Legal and Risk Management
"In the past, the majority of our customers were traders of securities companies and institutional inv..."
Kiyoshi Uchiyama
General Manager of General Affairs Department of the HR and General Affair
"If someone’s computer needed replacing , we couldn’t always buy them a new computer, as the new compu..."
Yuuji Kagami
Office Automation Management Section Head
"Some of our strongest current markets, which include print publications and films, are shrinking , wh..."
Akane Mitsuoka
Investor Relations Publicity Section

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