"Working with Adobe, we’ve already been able to go further, faster, with less effort to develop a solu..."
Tab Butler
Director, Media Management and Post Production
"We are also looking to provide Adobe Anywhere as a technology platform to enable multiple parties to..."
Geraint Williams
"It's how we get all of our numbers about customers' online interactions, down to the hotel level. Eac..."
Ellen Lee
SVP, Global Digital
"It used to be difficult to manage images and ensure only approved content was used. People were sendi..."
Frank Breithaupt
Director, E-Commerce & Marketing Systems
"Within 10 minutes, the art director at Platinum was looking at the image and our feedback on his phon..."
Jasper Yu
Art Director
"A billboard may use colors that would look great on a bike. A graphic on someone’s bag could be trans..."
Josh Podolske
Associate Art Director and Designer
"Employers are looking for people who are both tech savvy and have the experience of a top liberal art..."
Chris Kielt
Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
"The ability to get frequent software updates is exciting...."
Elizabeth Hansen
"Adobe programs teach designers how to structure and present their ideas in a meaningful way on a dail..."
Samantha Ricken
"I spend half as much time now managing licenses with Adobe than I did previously with boxed software...."
Kenneth C. Mok
Associate Director of IT
"When designers know they are going to have to spend one or two weeks creating guidelines for differen..."
José Somolinos
User Experience Architect
"A lot of our work is a race against the clock so problems like repeated errors negatively affect both..."
Park Sang-ho
"We wanted to create an app that fits into people’s mobile-oriented lives...."
J.D. Knight
UI Designer
"With Named User Licensing , we no longer have to manage accounts, The licenses are tied to user names..."
Greg Neville
IT Manager, Sotware Acquisition, Information Technology Services
"All of the modules fit together easily, so if we update or add on any solution, everything will conti..."
Christy Grenga
"Our students have a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, but Adobe makes it easy for all studen..."
Julie Ryan
Technology Teacher

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