"We hadn’t previously invested that much in any of Twitter’s advertising formats, now it’s a core part..."
Rupal Patel
Digital Campaign Manager
"By working with Adaptly, we were able to use Instagram to drive social engagement and attract more mi..."
John Oates
Director of Social Media
"With Adaptly’s help, our Facebook ad campaign successfully drove traffic for the new dry food product..."
Karina Estelle
Social & Digital Marketing Manager
"The collaboration between Blue 449 and Adaptly ensured that this campaign was deployed successfully a..."
Jenny Packwood
Head of Digital, PR & Brand Communications, Marketing
"Denver is a relatively competitive market so we looked for innovative solutions to break through the..."
Robby Harrington
Social Media Marketing Manager
"Our first experience with Pinterest ad campaigns could not have been more successful. With the help o..."
Tracy Klein
VP, Marketing
"Twitter has become a major platform for us to drive awareness and tune-in for new TV Land shows. With..."
Kristin Mirek
VP, Multi-Platform Development & Marketing
"The launch of the Double Jack burger was one of our largest campaigns of the year, so tapping into ou..."
Rah Mahtani
Social Media Manager
"Extending our video campaign into Facebook and Twitter enabled us to forge targeted and timely connec..."
Cecilia Beacon
Director of Broadcast & Marketing
"Adaptly enabled us to beat our goal CPLC while keeping our audience informed of the benefits of Vayar..."
Shervin Esfahani
Marketing Manager
"The campaign was designed to engage with Moms who run out of energy before they run out of time and d..."
Alex Holzer
Senior Director of Marketing
"Promoted video tweets during Twitter’s livestream around a timely event, especially in sports, was an..."
Dave Spinato
Global Director, Digital
"We found Pinterest incredibly effective in promoting the launch of ‘Say Yes to The Dress UK’ and with..."
Faye Robson
Senior Marketing Manager
"Snapchat is a great vehicle for driving wide awareness among young, financially savvy consumers who a..."
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