"Actian’s breadth of connectivity and mapping capabilities help our customers experience virtually pai..."
Dave Johnston
Director of Channel Management
"Actian is much easier to live with at both the housekeeping level and in terms of its ability to meet..."
Tony Douglas
Senior Enterprise Systems Manager
"We’re very pleased with the Versant object-oriented database. The database just works and is fully in..."
Jim Von De Bur
Manager of Software Tools
"Software development represents about 50% of the overall development costs for complex analyzer syste..."
Jens Mauersberger
System Developer
"Working with Actian Services to upgrade to Ingres v9.2.3 has been a positive experience. The Actian t..."
Lee Schopp
Finance Director
"Actian is processing, at lightning speed, the large-scale epidemiological evidence that is crucial to..."
Alan Young
Director of Information Science
"The ability to bypass splitting application objects into records and reconstitute them again when the..."
Eugene Joseph
"We’ve expanded the target to make data integration much simpler and easier, all while reducing data o..."
Lloyd Turley
Director, Consumer Health and Spending Accounts Operations
"Actian’s Enterprise Management Service (EMS) has proven to be the ideal solution to ensure that the C..."
Andrew Park
Project Manager
"Considering the richness and the complexity of simulation data, a relational database would lead to p..."
Frédéric Cadier
Research Engineer
"Our IT infrastructure depends on the reliability and scalability of our Ingres database. In less than..."
Richard David
Senior DB Administrator
"It just runs quietly and reliably. It is the basis of many of our core business systems and the suppo..."
Geraint Jones
IT Product Manager
"We need solutions that are easy to migrate and that will work hand in hand with the longevity of the..."
Martin Bowes
Oxford Database Administrator
"Vectorwise and Ingres are not only good technologies, they’re backed up by world-class support as wel..."
Geraint Jones
Database Administrator
"Because Ingres is so capable, we don’t limit the number of screens users can have open at any one tim..."
Adrian James
IT Manager
"Because Ingres is simple to install, we can now have a new Ingres database application up and running..."
Shaf Rahman
Group Technical Director

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