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Founded in 2008, Act-On is a complete marketing automation program that offers a full suite of features, including website visitor tracking, email marketing, social media management, lead management, analytics and reporting, as well as integrations with event planning and webinar. Its email marketing module allows you to segment you consumers into a range of categories. This enables marketers to concentrate on a specific target market in that email segment.

Act-On’s website tracking tool gives you full visibility into your site visitors’ activities and the time they spend browsing different content pieces on your website. The software also presents tools to create and improve campaigns, produce leads, prioritize and score prospects, and more.


What is Act-On Marketing Automation Software?

This practical and robust marketing solution empowers you to close more deals.

Automated Nurture Campaigns

You can automate vital tasks and processes that are important to campaign success, but are labor-intensive when handled manually. Act-On allows you to point and click, and drag and drop features to create a well-crafted marketing engine. You can nurture leads, segment lists, distribute and score leads, and activate offers when a prospect performs a particular action.

Simple yet Smart Logic and Workflows

With Act-On, you can easily and quickly set up marketing campaigns that implement automatically based on your pre-defined rules. From basic messages to advanced campaigns, the platform’s automation tools permit you to utilize “if-then” conditional logic to activate the next step in the program. You can define rules to automatically update data fields, sync lists, and trigger emails. The result is self-perpetuating programs that deliver personalized, targeted messages – at huge scale without difficulty.

Nurture Leads to Cultivate Opportunities

Configure email nurture initiatives that provide timely offers and content to leads based on the actions they take, their attributes, and their position in the funnel. Lead nurturing helps you engage prospects with interval-based emails that deliver targeted content to educate them as they progress through their purchasing journey.

Significantly decrease labor cost and resource time by crafting your email programs just one time and allowing them to operate on autopilot based on your instructions.

Segment Email Lists

Produce defined segments by merging profiles attributes like company, title, or industry with behaviors such as attending at particular webinar. This enables you to provide relevant and personalized offers to each specific segment. As your list expands, the software dynamically adds members to segments.

Product Features

  • Broadcast email marketing
  • Campaign reporting and analytics
  • CRM integration
  • Forms and landing pages
  • Lead management
  • Lead nurturing
  • Lead scoring
  • Triggered email marketing

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  • Starting at $900/month (billed annually)
  • Starts at 2,500 active contacts
  • 3 marketing users
  • 50 sales users
  • 30,000 API calls per day


  • Starting at $2,000/month (billed annually)
  • Starts at 2,500 active contacts
  • 6 marketing users
  • 100 sales users
  • 30,000 API calls per day

Fast-Track On-boarding offered for $5,000. Silver support is included with all subscriptions.

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