"It had to change. We thought that if we’re not happy to use it, our customers wouldn’t be happy eithe..."
Jason Amato
Marketing Manager
"Acronis Backup Cloud has greatly improved our customer satisfaction. The feedback has been great. Rec..."
Samir Jhaveri
Managing Director
"It’s a win-win situation with Acronis and it helps our company to grow...."
Neil Wilson
Product and Marketing Manager
"This is part of a wider strategy to form a combined IT department, pool resources for greater efficie..."
Andy Barker
IT director
"Besides supporting a variety of modern OSes, Acronis Backup Cloud seamlessly supports older OSes as w..."
Hiroshi Jitsuishi
"However, snapshots are not a cure for all instances, since there are many issues. That is why we have..."
Kunihiko Ozawa
Platform Services Section
"If you set up your own storage, you’ll need an initial investment for assets, and you then have to co..."
Kazuyuki Muramatsu
Head of the Platform Services Section
"Thanks to Acronis’ full support of CommVault, we’ve archived 90 percent of the data on our network an..."
Jose Illanes
Network Administrator
"We used to rely on a disk to disk to tape backup strategy for recovery purposes. Acronis provided us..."
Dave Kausch
Senior Systems Administrator
"Acronis products have simplified recoveries and effectively reduced them to non-events, minimizing ti..."
Wayne Kyryluk
Administrator, Data Center Operations
"The plan is to share sensitive data that way. Obviously, some data that doesn’t require advanced secu..."
Raffaele Boschetti
Head of IT
"We selected Acronis Cloud Storage and Acronis Disaster Recovery Service because it met all our requir..."
Steven Mullins
Director of Information Services
"With Acronis, we’re able to better serve our customers and reach a broader spectrum of clients. Our d..."
Chris Medeiros
Chief Executive Officer
"Acronis has enabled us to deliver ‘restore on demand’ to our customers and make it easier and simpler..."
Alan Dowdeswell
Head of Managed Service Operations
"The IT department is saving 10 hours a month in IT support and services. Our users like the easy-to-u..."
Roger Burgerhout
Senior administrator
"Acronis Access allows the Rust-Oleum iPad users to grab the content they want and access corporate fi..."
Brad Hillebrand
Director of Enterprise Technology

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