"It’s extremely easy to go to the console, and with a couple of mouse clicks spin up a server or mount..."
Marvin Julson
Systems Engineer
"Acronis Backup Cloud works 100 percent of the time, we’ve had outstanding support from the Acronis te..."
Jon Iglehart
Chief Executive Officer
"We are a university known for its research into the environment, so anything we can do to be more env..."
Jon Woodley
Head of Systems
"The logistics business is changing in the face of our more digitized world, and data is a core compon..."
Nick Mayer
Senior Operating Systems Manager
"Acronis is great! I was able to recover data immediately, reducing downtime from hours to just a few..."
Ali Sadeghi
IT Manager
"DMI integrated Acronis Access into the USDA Secure Container solution and found it to be a great fit..."
Kathleen Urbine
Senior Vice President
"We selected Acronis Cloud Storage and Acronis Disaster Recovery Service because it met all our requir..."
Steven Mullins
Director of Information Services
"It was very fast. It only took a half hour to install the software and just a few days to integrate i..."
Sebastian Heller
Team Leader for Desktop and Mobile
"Rather than build a new system from scratch, we can image it, recover the image to the new hardware,..."
Jim Boyer
Chief Technology Officer
"Acronis Access Connect has allowed our design team to work with greater efficiency and help avert the..."
James Ledger
Support Engineer
"When we installed Acronis, Access Advanced it enabled us to get secure file access, even in the middl..."
Iain Reeman
ICT Systems Director
"We used to rely on a disk to disk to tape backup strategy for recovery purposes. Acronis provided us..."
Dave Kausch
Senior Systems Administrator
"The plan is to share sensitive data that way. Obviously, some data that doesn’t require advanced secu..."
Raffaele Boschetti
Head of IT
"I needed buy-in from the team in the field. If the team didn’t think it was easy to use and easily he..."
Craig Rice
Director of Information Technology
"Acronis products have simplified recoveries and effectively reduced them to non-events, minimizing ti..."
Wayne Kyryluk
Administrator, Data Center Operations
"The value of constant apps and data availability in our business is enormous, we have to provide unin..."
Lim Boon Hian
Senior IT Administrator

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