"With Acronis we have much more control. Our required RTO is four hours and the new solution is well w..."
Steven Heffter
"We now use Acronis on approximately 1,000 workstations in 11 bases across Europe, and plan to expand..."
Lee Carden
Hardware Technical Authority for ESS
"It’s a win-win situation with Acronis and it helps our company to grow...."
Neil Wilson
Product and Marketing Manager
"As an innovative provider of hosting and data protection solutions, we have seen strong demand from o..."
Christoph Herrnkind
Chief Executive Officer
"Acronis Access is really one of the most exciting products that I have found for mobile devices becau..."
Ed Handschuh
Network Administrator
"In Acronis’ recovery product we have found, after an intensive selection process, a product, which me..."
Thomas Haass
Strategic Outsourcing
"Rather than build a new system from scratch, we can image it, recover the image to the new hardware,..."
Jim Boyer
Chief Technology Officer
"The plan is to share sensitive data that way. Obviously, some data that doesn’t require advanced secu..."
Raffaele Boschetti
Head of IT
"Acronis products have simplified recoveries and effectively reduced them to non-events, minimizing ti..."
Wayne Kyryluk
Administrator, Data Center Operations
"I like the way Acronis works you can recover the file systems locally and in the cloud. It is comfort..."
Michael Salvato
Chief Information Officer
"Acronis Access allows the Rust-Oleum iPad users to grab the content they want and access corporate fi..."
Brad Hillebrand
Director of Enterprise Technology
"As soon as the option to use the Google Cloud became available, we set up a lab in London to run spec..."
Robert Sims
Disaster Recovery Engineer
"The integration of Acronis Backup Cloud with Google Cloud Storage was incredibly easy to use. We depl..."
Nina Sim
Manager of Disaster Recovery
"The value of constant apps and data availability in our business is enormous, we have to provide unin..."
Lim Boon Hian
Senior IT Administrator
"Acronis Backup Cloud makes it possible to create, store, and restore backups with a low load by placi..."
Tatsuya Kurihara
Head of the Technical Promotion Division
"When we introduced it, we also needed to use it as a migration tool for physical and virtual servers,..."
Yukio Urata
Technical Promotion Division

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