"Acronis Backup Cloud was our primary choice when it came to picking a complete backup solution. My IT..."
Asela Wasala
Chief Executive Officer
"This is part of a wider strategy to form a combined IT department, pool resources for greater efficie..."
Andy Barker
IT director
"Acronis Access is really one of the most exciting products that I have found for mobile devices becau..."
Ed Handschuh
Network Administrator
"With Acronis we have much more control. Our required RTO is four hours and the new solution is well w..."
Steven Heffter
"It’s a win-win situation with Acronis and it helps our company to grow...."
Neil Wilson
Product and Marketing Manager
"Acronis is one of our best partners. Their product is great and they’re easy to work with. It’s an ho..."
Diogo Lopes
Chief Executive Officer
"It was very fast. It only took a half hour to install the software and just a few days to integrate i..."
Sebastian Heller
Team Leader for Desktop and Mobile
"If you printed out a document, you’d find that it was already old. Someone had gone ahead and changed..."
Matthias Ludin
Chief of Customer and Applications Services
"If you’ve got a mixed [Mac/Windows] environment, you need Acronis Files Connect. There’s simply no al..."
Richard Van der Stap
Project Leader
"But I’ve been very pleased with the backups and test recoveries I’ve done. We typically have a server..."
Angie Michini
Systems Administrator
"If you take a step back and compare features and price to that of popular competitors such as Veeam,..."
Gary Fouché
"With Acronis, we’re able to better serve our customers and reach a broader spectrum of clients. Our d..."
Chris Medeiros
Chief Executive Officer
"Thanks to Acronis’ full support of CommVault, we’ve archived 90 percent of the data on our network an..."
Jose Illanes
Network Administrator
"Besides supporting a variety of modern OSes, Acronis Backup Cloud seamlessly supports older OSes as w..."
Hiroshi Jitsuishi
"If you set up your own storage, you’ll need an initial investment for assets, and you then have to co..."
Kazuyuki Muramatsu
Head of the Platform Services Section
"The logistics business is changing in the face of our more digitized world, and data is a core compon..."
Nick Mayer
Senior Operating Systems Manager

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