"The 360-degree view of our customers has helped us provide more personalized and consistent interacti..."
"Using and Pardot together enables our small marketing team to punch above our weight...."
" makes it easy to put accurate and actionable information in our sales team's hands...."
"Our reps save hours each week with"
"In our sales process, 75 percent of getting the order is showing up at the right time. enabl..."
"From the prospecting side, the biggest advantage is an increase in leads, and from there revenue incr..."
"Thanks to, we’ve had our best first quarter ever...."
"We’ve improved our overall customers’ experience by collaborating on everything through Salesforce...."
"The number of qualified leads sent to our sales team is up by 29% thanks to"
"We’ve used Salesforce to change our entire company culture...."
"Going social has been totally transformational for us...."

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