"Since we’ve implemented CAKE, we’ve increased our sales by as much as 10%. Part of if was like, why d..."
Teri Hope
"The restaurant was losing $1,000 to $4,000 per year and now with the help & assistance of Cake & Sysc..."
Jennifer Lozoya
General Manager
"With CAKE’s hourly reports, we were able to see how we could save three hours a day in payroll and ev..."
Edgar Molina
General Manager
"This has been one of the best investments I’ve made so far. It has great online reporting that I can..."
Mark Delgado
Owner Operator
"Leapset Guest Manager is a lifesaver during our busiest times. The system allows us to effortlessly m..."
Lukus Hasenstab
General Manager
"Our hosts now spend less time managing the wait list and more time greeting and servicing our guests...."
George Itoh
Director of Operations
"The CAKE OrderPad really changed how we do business here…it definitely made a huge difference in our..."
Cliff Barsi
Senior Director of Food Services and Social Enterprise
"The OrderPad has made a huge impact on our speed of processing orders, particularly during peak hours..."
Mike Horgan
"After seeing the front-facing screen and tip prompt, I felt I could guarantee my staff would increas..."
Tak Matsuba
Tea House’s Manager
"Before CAKE Online Ordering, we were a hidden gem. But now people anywhere in San Francisco can order..."
Karen S
"Things are so easy on this machine. And the customer service is excellent. I mean, every time you nee..."
Karen Bell
"I love the fact that I was out of town, two weeks ago and I was able to log on and see how the sales..."
Caryn Pierce
"Things have been so much easier at the front door. Being able to see exactly how long a table was wai..."
Nate Williams
General Manager
"Never has the front door run so smoothly. We are now able to operate using one less hostess than the..."
Keith Kirk
General Manager
"We’ve used pagers and other wait list management systems, but we chose CAKE because of their superior..."
Brian Kline
Operations Manager
"Integrating 7shifts with Cake has been seamless. Staff are more engaged and managing labor has been e..."
Brian Alcorn

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