"We work with some awesome people in the L&D world. Many of our training pros are passionate and engag..."
Stu Ackerman
Multimedia Technologies Manager
"We were looking for ways to not only brand our employment experience, but to create a unique culture..."
Peggy Rubenzer
SVP People Resources
"We aspire to create a community place where our customers love to be and a big part of that culture i..."
Alison Smith
VP Design & Development
"We had this feeling of ‘If we’re going to make best in class products, why would we not want to have..."
Brad Yeoman
Sitka’s Direction Of Sales
"Wisetail speaks the restaurant language and they are able to facilitate sharing best practices from o..."
Camille Chavez
Director of Training
"We were looking for a solution that we could use as a traditional piece of learning management softwa..."
Sasha Ludwig-Siegel
Retail Operations Senior Associate
"It takes the difficulty of training and understanding what we’re doing as a company and as an organiz..."
Jerome Williams
Operations Consultant
"We’re getting multiple contributions every day, It’s people. They love that they can put something ou..."
Margaret Jackson
Director of Training & Development
"When we were given the Wisetail pilot and looked through that, it was clear how antiquated our old sy..."
Jack Meyer
Training Operations Manager
"The Wheel feels like our brand, smells like our brand. It is our brand, It’s something that’s easily..."
Gabby Cohen
Senior Vice President of Public Relations and Brand Strategy
"They really took painstaking care at every point to make sure that it felt not like a learning and de..."
Melanie Whelan
"The Wheel is almost like a central heartbeat for our employees...."
Christina Sideris
Senior Manager, Operations
"At the end of the day, we chose Wisetail because of the emphasis on design and storytelling that was..."
Patrick Ryan
Senior Manager of Field Operations and Training
"When our category managers go to buying shows they’re actually looking for something to bring in that..."
Michelle Graber
Training Manager
"At Bailey Nelson, we have recently conducted our engagement survey internally and there were so many..."
Prue Freestone
Head of People
"He’s just moved the needle in such an incremental way that it has grown leaps and bounds. Because he..."
Charlie Ehler
Educational Content Creator

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