"With WhiteSource I have full view of what’s in each of the software versions, no matter where and by..."
Yvan Perrenoud
Software & Controls Quality Manager
"WhiteSource helps us reduce legal and security risks associated with the use of certain open source c..."
Arik Priel
Vice President of R&D
"Our agile framework and demanding ecosystem made it clear that we must use a solution like WhiteSourc..."
Gev Decktor
VP Software Development
"With WhiteSource, we are able to see all our open source information in one place. The dashboards giv..."
Albrecht Scheidig
Head of Product Development
"As banks continue their evolution into software companies with investment strategies, this asymmetric..."
Maurizio Pillitu
Foundation’s Director of DevOps
"We chose WhiteSource because of its ease of use, its excellent data, and for the in-depth security vu..."
Neil Langmead
Code Clinic Lead
"We want Microsoft’s users to have access to the best industry solutions for open source management. T..."
Sam Guckenheimer
Group Product Planner

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