"We achieved our goals of meeting the estimated deadlines imposed by the board, despite having to face..."
Marco Leoni
Dolomiti Energia Web Manager
"The WebRatio rapid development approach, which allowed us to quickly build and modify the application..."
Paolo Manzoni
A2A ICT Director
"TRENORD wanted to develop a computerized system to process the management of tickets and penalties on..."
Simone Rossetto
Project Manager-Manufacturing Systems-NordCom
"The wise use of WebRatio for the development stages by the system integrator, has enabled us to facil..."
Manuel Brandini
Marketing Manager of Interflora Young project
"I had never had a provider who was so willing and reactive, focused not only on contract compliance b..."
Francesco Faccioli
Head of Network Management
"Thanks to WebRatio's speed and high compatibility with our IT Systems, we deployed an agile and perfe..."
Giulia Vizzini
GTT Spa IT Services
"A market analysis identified WebRatio as the ideal object oriented environment for internal Web solut..."
Valerio Barzaghi
AMSA It Manager
"In general, custom projects are high cost, but with WebRatio, where one can have a functioning protot..."
Marco De Lorenzi
IT Director at Elettromeccanica Galli
"The company is animated by a clear vision; the people at WebRatio participate in the most important i..."
UniCredit Tiriac Bank
"After a bid to choose a supplier, we opted for WebRatio because they guaranteed reduced development t..."
Claudio Abad
IT Manager SI Collection
"Having developed the application with WebRatio allowed to use Agile methodologies easily and to impro..."
Lorenzo Repichini
Software Engineer at b! powered by Reteco

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