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VelocityEHS is a cloud-hosted environment, health, safety (EHS) and sustainability platform built to manage risk and enhance visibility across enterprises. Modules include audit and inspection, incident management, chemical management, change management, training management, compliance management, air emissions, ergonomics, water quality, water compliance, performance metrics, on-demand training, corrective actions, risk analysis, and configurable reports and dashboards. The system is also mobile compatible.

VeloctiyEHS’s user interface provides support for 16 languages and the application enables users to manage and track a range of corrective actions across modules, including actions related to inspections, audits, near misses, and incidents. The software is perfect for an array of sectors including retail, transportation, pharmaceuticals, utilities, municipalities, education, construction, oil and gas, health care, manufacturing, and chemical manufacturing.


Centralize Your Information

VelocityEHS empowers organizations to get deep visibility on their processes and workflows which is simply not possible with expensive and inefficient spreadsheet-based platforms. The tool permits you to centralize all your info, including environmental spills, safety processes, near-miss data, and incident reports – in one unified location.

Global View of Operational Risks

This program gives you the needed information and insight to better understand your business and significantly improve its EHS aspects. In short, the software presents a real-time, global overview of your organization’s operational risks.

Get Rid of Inefficient Conventional Methods

With VelocityEHS, you can eliminate spreadsheets and other conventional methods of managing and complying with your industry’s EHS regulations and standards. The platform speeds up all workflows and centralizes all data, helping you to save time on information capture. It empowers enterprises to access data, produce reports, and glean insights to efficiently assess and handle operational risks.

Automate Compliance

VelocityEHS is designed to identify compliance gaps and notify you with updates. The product makes it simple to achieve and maintain compliance. It automates the process which gives your firm complete confidence that they are adhering to compliance standards. By strictly conforming to industry regulations and standards using VelocityEHS, your organization will be able to avoid penalties and fines.

Product Features

  • Air emissions
  • Audit & inspection
  • Chemical management
  • Compliance management
  • Corrective action
  • Ergonomics
  • Incident management
  • Change management
  • On-demand training
  • Performance metrics
  • Reporting & dashboards
  • Risk analysis
  • Safety meetings
  • Training management
  • Waste compliance
  • Water quality


VelocityEHS offers pricing information by quote. Contact them directly to obtain a personalized quote for your organization’s needs.

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