Frequently Asked Questions
Describe who the software is best for - their role(s) within what kind of companies.
UserReplay serves multiple industries and roles, offering a 360 view of the customer.
Industries: Retail, Finance, Travel & Hospitality, Insurance, Telco
Roles: Marketing & eCommerce, Business Analyst, Customer Service, Information Technology, Fraud & Loss
How does this software benefit them?
Deliver Revenue:
- Sales growth: save up to £3.1 million in revenue in the first 30 days
- High return on investment: See a return of up to 20x your annual investment
- Delivering value: from day one discover up to 20% more conversions
- Visualize customer issues and find and fix them up to 10x faster

Improve Customer Experience:
- Build customer retention: Greater long-term retention and brand loyalty
- Drive higher lifetime value: Returning, happy customers have a proven life time value (LTV)
- Reduce costs and overheads: Minimize costs for experience related issues and focus on innovation.
- High information security certification for PII data / ISO 27001 certified

Mitigate Fraud:
- Proactive detection: Detect and mitigate fraudulent transactions, before they impact the business.
- Definitive proof: Access to strong evidence to support litigation or resolve customer disputes.
- Quantify the impact: Enrich your data and reports by quantifying the true impact of online fraud.
- Visualize customer issues: Up to 10x faster resolution times

Optimize Customer Service:
- Reduce costs, save money on call handling, by delivering great customer service at the point of struggle
- Increase resolution rates and service speed with accessible feedback loops, recovering transactions
- Enhance the customer experience and leverage customer service to piece together the complete customer view
- See through the customer's eyes and action solutions in real-time

Resolve Technical Issues:
- Resolve issues faster and benefit from a 50-70% reduction in MTTR
- Seamlessly integrate with business systems such as New Relic for your APM and service desk connectors
- Extend and customise with our open data platform that gives you complete control of all your data
- High information security for secure handling of PII data. ISO 27001 certified (registration number IS 662212)
Which popular or common software does your product integrate with?
Analytics and MVT/AB Testing (Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics)
APM and monitoring (New Relic)
Voice of Customer and Chat (iperceptions, Powerfront, inside)
Tag management and business intelligence (Google Tag Manager)
Is there a trial or free download available?
Free demo for desktop version:
Free trial for mobile version: