"For sure I can recommend Temenos. We clearly have changed the bank and also our image of the bank in..."
Jean-Luc Martino
Chief Information Officer
"We looked around the market for the best Core Banking system and picked Temenos because of comprehens..."
Mohib Hasan Khan
Chief information Officer
"But actually, human beings thrive on connection with other human beings, and when they’ve got a probl..."
Nicola Lambie
Head of Sales and Service Transformation
"ABOs expect mobile solutions from us because they operate their business the same way that they opera..."
Brian Hart
VP of ABO Customer Solutions/IT
"We have to leverage digital to make sure that we’re providing the most relevant experience to our ABO..."
Mike Edwards
VP, Global Digital Services
"The implementation of TEMENOS T24 is a major milestone for Meezan Bank. We are confident that this wi..."
Ariful Islam
"Information Technology is an integral part of every bank’s day-to-day operations, and core banking fo..."
Faiz ur Rehman
"We are placing significant importance on IT to gain a competitive edge. With TEMENOS T24 we have quic..."
Tina Chiang
"We chose Temenos because their vision of accelerating growth through digital innovation matches our o..."
David Liu
Chief Executive Officer and Director
"Making things easy for our members is one of our core values. The Temenos Collection module makes it..."
Erika Daken
Business Process Analyst
"We evaluated a number of applications and chose T24 because of its ability to support this ambitious..."
Iqbal Ahmad
Executive Vice President
"We realised that we could easily scale our lending platform by adding another instance in the Temenos..."
Guillermo Gomez del Campo
Chief Executive Officer
"There were specific features of the Collection module that made us choose Temenos, such as the abili..."
Cassandra Sandstrom
Collections Manager
"Having the systematic approach of creating components really allows us to launch our apps much faster..."
Mike Gamaggio
Global Manager, Web & Native Apps
"As the first Moroccan bank to open in China, this expansion will act as a catalyst for economic relat..."
Said Adren
General Manager
"By implementing the highly parameterized TEMENOS T24 banking software, SinoPac has significantly empo..."
Robert Tsai

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