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Technical Details Devices Supported
  • Windows
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Web-based
  • Windows Mobile
Customer Types
  • < 50 Small Businesses
  • < 250 Medium Businesses
  • 250+ Large Businesses


Stripe is a cloud-hosted platform that provides a suite of unified tools and APIs that empower businesses to accept and manage payments online. The solution helps you to handle important payment tasks like subscriptions, direct payouts to users’ bank accounts, and storing cards securely. It also presents features for web and mobile payments that are specifically designed for developers. The system allows companies to accept international credit and debit cards and currencies.

Key functionalities of Stripe include collection of transaction fees, shared customers, instant payment acceptance, invoice paying, PCI compliance, and full-stack payments. The platform does not need any card storage, validation, setup, monthly, or refund fees. It integrates smoothly with programs like Zapier, Abacus, Slack, Sellsy, Squarespace, TalentLMS, Zoho Subscriptions, Zoho Invoice, FreshBooks, and Shopify.


Mobile-friendly Checkout

Stripe is a robust and scalable payment transaction and processing system for online companies. It offers a user interface toolkit that presents the needed tools for design and analytics, and a front-end for producing and customizing payment forms. You can use a simple Javascript line to swiftly embed checkout on your site. Plus, you can send out branded invoices to customers to request payment from them. The platform’s mobile-compatible checkout feature allows you to use the system on the go on Android and iOS apps.

Supports a Range of Payment Methods

Stripe provides payment gateway support to users. It allows you to accept payments via debit and credit cards in almost any nation in the globe. Digital wallets like Alipay, Amex Express Checkout, and Apple Pay can be used by purchasers who want to make convenient payments without sharing their personal card information. The platform also supports preferred currencies, local Stripe accounts, and local payment methods.

Optimizes Routing Paths

Stripe assists to boost revenue by optimizing routing paths with leading card networks like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. This pre-processing cover reduces latency during transaction and significantly improves success rates.

Informative Reports

Stripe automates dispute management to efficiently present evidence to resolve conflicts. Financial reporting, collated reports, and automated accounting support assist to streamline and speed up reconciliation of transaction matters. This gives you information on transfers, refunds, charges, and other fees in real time via the system’s dashboard and API.

Get Swift Payments

After a transaction is resolved, you can simplify and accelerate how you will get payment from consolidated payouts. Further, you can get a bird’s eye overview of charges made across countries, currencies, and payment types via information reporting in real time and exportability.

Product Features

  • Accounting integrations
  • Authorization
  • Clean canvas
  • Collaboration notes
  • Consolidated reports
  • Custom UI toolkit
  • Dispute handling
  • Embeddable checkout
  • Financial reporting
  • Invoice
  • Mobile customer interface
  • Multicurrency payouts
  • Open source plug-in
  • Payment options
  • Payout timing
  • Roles and permissions
  • Unified payout


Integrated Plan

  • 9% + 30¢ per successful card charge
  • Everything you require to manage payments
  • Get hundreds of feature updates every year
  • No setup, monthly, or hidden fees

Customized Plan

Build a custom package for your company

Offered for businesses with unique business models or large payments volume

  • Volume discounts
  • Interchange pricing
  • Multi-product discounts
  • Country-specific rates

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