"Congreso has been using ETO for over 10 years, and it really has been central to how we use data. ETO..."
Juan De Angulo
Director of Data and Evaluation
"During our selection processes we were entertaining other solutions and even considered customizing o..."
Virginia Potter
Team Lead
"Performance management absolutely means better outcomes. The information we gather has helped us impr..."
Anisha Chablani-Medly
Chief Knowledge Officer
"We strongly believe that ETO software has provided us with the crucial technological capacity to full..."
Miranda Yates
Assistant Executive Director
"We’re able to easily and readily report out to stakeholders that we continually have high rates of su..."
Lisa Hunter
Director of Learning and Evaluation
"ETO software gives us a greater sense of the outcomes that we are achieving. ETO was provided as an o..."
Terie Taylor Wolf
Research Director
"Social Solutions stood out because of the maturity they have as an organization and their experience..."
Semonti Basu
Senior Analyst, Research and Evaluation,
"We’ve been able to use this data with our funders and donors, which has been critical. The feedback w..."
Elisabeth Buck
Senior VP for Community Impact
"We’ve found that the NAT data makes it much easier to write a grant. Our ability to speak to our own..."
Travis Rice
Evaluation Program Specialist
"The Wyman Center had been serving youth for more than 100 years, when we realized that, while we may..."
Emily Black
Communications Manager
"ETO software allows us to track data across all of the federal benchmarks with ease, while also provi..."
Nichole Sturmfels
Research Scientist
"The PER allows me to see the progress of my team’s caseloads, ensuring that we provide quality servic..."
Monica Recinos
Program Director
"The Performance Evaluation Report has also been instrumental in allowing us to see where changes need..."
Holli Alexander
Assistant Clinical Director
"Until we implemented ETO, we were not able to evaluate how a child was progressing against developmen..."
Joe Berger
Program Director
"We secured over $1M in additional grants last year by measuring and improving the effectiveness of ou..."
Isazetta Spikes
Grant Writer
"We are able to observe trends or gaps and fine tune programs quickly to achieve outcomes. By becoming..."
Molly Nash
Outcomes Manager

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