"After the merger, SAVO mobility enabled us to quickly ramp up the salesforce on cross-selling the ful..."
"SAVO helps us establish a global brand presence through our distributors...."
"This is a complex sale and our system needed to reflect that. The SAVO system provides the user with..."
"SAVO was the only corporation that was going to help Blackboard close the gap between growth initiati..."
"SAVO was a big win for us as a growing midmarket company. It helped us formalize our sales enablement..."
"The beautiful thing is that, because of people’s curiosity, we have salespeople participating in foru..."
"We've armed our sales people with training and processes that align with buyer needs. SAVO pulls it a..."
"When you make the sales force more efficient, you impact the company’s bottom line. SAVO is definitel..."
"I find that the implementation process of SAVO is absolutely wonderful. It’s streamlined. It’s easy...."
"With SAVOs broad accessibility our salespeople can respond to customer needs from wherever they are,..."
"Our ROI was pretty simple. We were able to add five full-time equivalents of selling time per week in..."
"UNUMSAVO organizes content so people can use it. Marketing generates a lot of material and through SA..."

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