RackSpace & MapMyFitness
Customer Success Story
Jesse Demmel-Vice President, Engineering
RackSpace & The Hackett Group
Customer Success Story
Paulo Dominguez-Principal — Global Managing Director, Application Managed Services
RackSpace & Rivo Software
Customer Success Story
Nik Rhodes-CIO
RackSpace & AppBoy
Customer Success Story
Jon Hyman-CIO
RackSpace & Folk2Folk
Customer Success Story
Karl Straw-IT Director
RackSpace & Sesame Workshop
Customer Success Story
Shadrach Kisten-Senior VP of IT and Digital Media Engineering
RackSpace & Blue Acorn
Customer Success Story
Kevin Eichelberger-Founder and CEO
RackSpace & Redbox Digital
Customer Success Story
Chris Pendse-Client Services Director
RackSpace & CERN
Customer Success Story
Tim Bell-CERN
RackSpace & Purdue University
Customer Success Story
Aaron Rodgers-TA
RackSpace & McKesson
Customer Success Story
Vijay Thumma-Director of Cloud Services
RackSpace & Vue Entertainment
Customer Success Story
Roland Jones-Executive Director, Technical Services

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