"Maintenance scheduling can be complex, time consuming and labor intensive without the help of a softw..."
Gino Palarchio
General Manager,Maintenance
"Quintiq was able to show us that they had a solution that could take all the new information that cam..."
Bart Pieper
Management’s Director of Business and Technology
"Quintiq is an enabler for excellent results. It allows you to measure many KPIs and drive improvemen..."
Buddy Stemple
VP & GM of Novelis SPBU
"Since 2003 we are enjoying a 45 percent increase in on-time production...."
Mike Domicolo
Operations Support Manager, Novelis
"We were looking for a longterm partnership, not just for a scheduling solution. After comparing all a..."
Joe Lawton
Continuous Improvement Specialist
"We required a SCP&O platform that would accommodate our intricate scheduling requirements, which stem..."
Andy Berliner
CEO, Amy’s Kitchen
"Our top priorities are to keep our customers happy and ensure the safety of our employees, but we als..."
Santi Copello
Executive Project Manager, Elektro
"We chose Quintiq because of the breadth and scalability of their technology platform. We were looking..."
Erik De Vos
Supply Chain Planning & Optimization Manager EMEA region, Air Products
"Without a doubt, Quintiq has the most experience in solving planning challenges in the aluminum indus..."
Ivone Jacobsen
Leader, Software Development Department,Aluar
"We require a SCP&O platform that would provide unprecedented supply chain visibility, enabling us to..."
Mark Marquis
CEO ,Marquis Inc.

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