Frequently Asked Questions
What types of businesses are Questers’ services best suited for?
Questers' model perfectly suits any tech business looking to expand its resource base without compromising quality.
How can Questers benefit clients?
Our clients enjoy:
• Quick & efficient access to top tech resources.
• High performance.
• Scalability & flexibility.
• Direct project & IP control.
• Strategic partnership based on transparency.
• Build-Operate-Transfer options.
What geographical regions does Questers serve?
Europe & USA.
What are the most popular or commonly known projects Questers has worked on?
Questers is a technology & industry neutral company. We've cooperated with dozens of companies operating in different industries - eCommerce, FinTech, Media, Gaming & Gambling, Hospitality & others.
How/why is Questers different than those competitors or most others in their market?
Questers build and help tech companies run fully dedicated teams in Eastern Europe. Unlike traditional outsourcing, our direct management approach means we take care of all recruitment, HR, administration, infrastructure, security, social and employment aspects, allowing our clients and their team to focus on what’s important – delivery, while we continue to support employee engagement and performance. We enable our clients to directly collaborate with their remote team within a modern high performance environment.
Who are Questers’s biggest competitors?
Traditional outsourcing companies.
What pricing tiers or structure does Questers offer?
We offer a simple & transparent pricing model based on 3 main components - one-time Setup Fee (covering recruitment & workspace setup services), Team Member's Fee (consultant's salary invoiced at cost & inclusive of any taxes and insurance payments due) & Monthly Management Fee (covering any on-going HR, admin, legal and facilities services).