Frequently Asked Questions
Describe who the software is best for - their role(s) within what kind of companies.
The product fits any website that belongs to any industry, though the most popular industries among our buyers are:
Mobile Providers
Equipment Manufacturers
Hotel Chains, Tavel Agencies
Web design and software development
IT services
Delivery services
Automotive (Car rental, car export, car spare parts)
Real Estate
Game industry
Logistics and transport
Drug store
Beauty and healthcare
Finance services
Call centers
Software providers
How does this software benefit them?
Provide Support Live Chat lets you chat with several clients at once, connect to others online and/or redirect calls to others in your company - all with a click of your mouse. This saves you and your customers' time and money.
Visitors who use your chat solution are usually highly interested and through chatting, you can ask for as much detail as you need to effectively service them.
Visitors who use Provide Support and get quick answers to their questions stay longer, buy more products, and show more confidence in your company.
Provide Support allows you to custom design your chat icons, pop-up windows, and invitation screens with your company logo - and even include your own operators' photos.
Web-based Operator Console from Provide Support offers web-based functionality along side their proprietary programs, allowing for on the go service and support from any web browser.
Along with the no software to install option, Provide Support offers a free trial, meaning it couldn't be simpler or easier, especially since after the Free Trial Period is over, the service may be canceled at anytime.
Provide Support's Unicode system makes your international communications quick, easy, and error free. The system supports all special characters, including right-to-left direction languages so that the chat window, system messages, and graphic elements are all translated to the appropriate website language.
You can create a post-chat survey to let visitors evaluate their experience or ask any questions about improving customer service and expanding quality support.
Provide Support allows you to add chat operators as your business expands.
The system includes real time stats feature that lets you quickly evaluate your customers by learning their referring URL, IP address, geographic location, and entrance points to help better understand their needs and expectations.
How technical do users need to be to use the software?
No advanced technical skills are required to work with our live chat software. Though if you need assistance, we can help.
What makes Provide Support Live Chat a leader in this space?
We are constantly adding new features requested by our customers, and our current customers receive all upgrades for free.
Who are your biggest competitors (3-5 companies)?
Bold Chat, Zopim, LivePerson
How/why is Provide Support Live Chat better than those competitors (or most others in their market)? What about it is unique, stronger, easier, etc.?
Please see our comparison chart to see side-by-side all features:
What kind of features can customers expect to see in the near future? And longer term?
Mobile support, analytics
Which popular or common software does your product integrate with?
For easy integration with any CMS and shopping cart system Provide Support offers ready 20+ integrations (Joomla, WordPress, Magento, OpenCart, Shopify, Drupal, MagentoGo, Volusion, PrestaShop, 3dCart, Bigcommerce, AmeriCommerce, Pinnacle Cart, X-Cart, CoreCommerce, Weebly, Fortune3, MailChimp, CubeCart, Zen Cart, osCommerce, Sqarespace, GetResponse, Microsoft Outlook), but the system is designed to work on any website, built on any technology.
Software pricing can often be complex. If it's pretty straightforward, list tiers, pricing (per year, seat, etc), limits, etc. If it's not simple, use broad estimates or ranges for typical setups.
The same set of features including support is available for all Provide Support plans. The only difference is the number of operator profiles in the account. Prices start from $15/month. Any number of operator profiles can be created during the trial.
To upgrade/downgrade your account you would need to cancel your current subscription and purchase a new one to upgrade/downgrade your account. All your account settings will be kept, the service won't be interrupted. Please login to your account Control Panel, go to Billing / Upgrade page, click Cancel for Upgrade and confirm the cancellation. Then choose a new package on the Purchase page. You would need to pay the difference between the new subscription price and your account balance available at the moment of upgrade. The new billing period will be calculated starting from the date of the upgrade.
We accept Credit, Debit Cards, PayPal and Bitcoin payments.
Is there a trial or free download available?
There's a fully functional 10 days trial and a live demo.
What kind of training/education is offered?
FAQ page, Help Center, tutorials, videos, best practices, live chat support.
Describe the implementation process and timeline.
No additional help is required. You simply paste a short snippet of chat button HTML script into your web page source code and upload the updated page to your web server. When your client clicks on the live chat button, this code will load the Visitor Popup Messenger from our servers.
What are the support options? List all.
Live chat, email.