"My initial love was your data, but now I realize it’s a whole compensation system...."
Karen Miller
Director of HR
"The report is awesome! It makes me look professional...."
Denise Bonder
Director, Talent Acquisition
"There’s got to be a better way than traditional compensation surveys...."
Rebecca Bottorff
Chief People Officer
"It’s really empowered our staff to take control on their own professional development...."
Connor Hayes
HR Director
"PayScale and I grew up together. I started looking around – what I needed was more real time and anal..."
Susan Hollingshead
Chief People and Corporate Services Officer
"PayScale covers all the job types we have at FreshBooks, plus a plethora of info on the job itself...."
Penny Farinha
"PayScale’s easy to use reports have also helped Advanced Home Care improve retention rates. We’re not..."
Patty Edrington
Compensation Manager
"The confidence to say, this is what the market is paying for this job’ is really powerful...."
Michele Bourdon Keeffe
CEO & Founder
"I needed relevant, updated data, along with a compensation tool and help getting it all right. I trus..."
Bill Horn
Director of HR
"Plus, with PayScale we could load other surveys specific to higher ed into the database, giving us a..."
Estela Long
Manager of Compensation
"PayScale has definitely helped increase employee morale and helped us actually pay for above average..."
Ken Taylor
CEO of Valley Cities
"In the past I had purchased a chunk of data in a binder. PayScale is more intuitive and user friendly...."
Macalester College

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