"Musicnotes.com has enjoyed working with OneNeck. From the very beginning we knew that our success was..."
Jon Higgins
Chief Technology Officer
"When you’re trying to do more with less, you either reach out to the service community or hire more p..."
James Harvey
Vice President of Systems
"With OneNeck’s support and guidance, we have been able to consolidate our disparate resources onto a..."
Michael Edwards
Technology Operations Supervisor
"OneNeck IT Solutions always kept our best interests in mind. They helped us find solutions that would..."
Jeremy Pearson
Supervisor of Information Technology
"We were looking for a long-term, reliable partner that could support our complex application environm..."
Michael Eaton
Vice President of IT
"Our partnership with OneNeck is the result of a relationship-oriented decision process for us. Experi..."
Chris Stockley
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
"We have more secure access across the board and tightened access to data no matter where people are l..."
Kevin Smith
Information Systems Director
"Targus had no organized IT infrastructure — even at the regional level. We were challenged with creat..."
Mark See
Chief Information Officer
"The engineers are up to speed on the products, and implementation always goes well. In addition, the..."
Corey Kispert
Information Security Officer
"The assessment involved a lot of discovery with OneNeck, which lead to us identifying the choke poin..."
Steve Berryman
Infrastructure Manager
"The advantage of OneNeck is that there are multiple entities in the OneNeck environment and multiple..."
William Hanby
Chief Information Officer
"In project planning and implementation, from start to finish, OneNeck was amazing. They always ask th..."
Connie Snitker
Director of Technology Operations
"Their ability to meet our objective for fast, flexible provisioning of services is only one of the re..."
Otto Doll
Chief Information Officer
"Compared with our previous backup solution, our Azure backup solution costs significantly less to run..."
Steve Fontanini
IT Director
"The devices are of a high quality and the mobile app is a great feature to monitor the site remotely...."
Bradly Brazil
ICT Coordinator
"The quality of their people, their customer-first approach and their willingness to listen, then tail..."
Michael Spandau
Chief Information Officer

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