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Mindmatrix is a partner marketing platform that is used by companies in the finance, insurance, consulting, retail, advertising and design, retail, MSP, manufacturing/distribution, real estate, high-tech, and other industries. The software functions as a single storage database for all your marketing and sales assets, monitors asset performance, presents mobile access to assets, and helps you meet compliance regulations and preserve brand integrity.

Mindmatrix provides content syndication of marketing and sales assets to partner portals and third-party sites for utilization at the local level. The company has more than 20 years experience in the partner management sector. Its software merges partner relationship management (PRM), marketing automation, sales enablement, asset management, and channel marketing to fully empower your marketing and sales teams. This integrated platform guides you through all steps of the sales procedure from lead to deal closure, helping your sales channels to sell faster and more.


All-Inclusive System

Mindmatrix is a single platform that you can use to manage your operations, marketing, and sales processes. It improves marketing and sales efforts by gaining more attention from the target segment. Further, it utilizes multiple features to notify your presence to a particular niche, and thus helps to convert leads into loyal customers.

Lead Management

You can use Mindmatrix for lead scoring and management. The software enables you to collect leads via emails, landing pages, and other methods, and nurture them. It keeps you updated on each lead’s status in the buying process. Further, the program tracks marketing assets as they are used up by the sales unit.

Email and Social Media Marketing

Mindmatrix also helps you to boost your email and social media marketing campaigns, and saves you money as well as time and effort for your sales reps.

Range of Features

Mindmatrix offers array of benefits including robust brand identity creation, marketing collateral creation, reporting, campaign management, and brand management. The software enables your sales and marketing teams to easily achieve their goals and targets. It helps your business to market your brand on multiple online channels and reach a wider audience. In short, with Mindmatrix, you can develop a robust brand, market it effectively, attract audiences, and reach your sales targets, while remaining within your budget and deadlines.

Product Features

  • Full Suite Direct Sales Enablement
  • Guided Selling, Training, and Onboarding
  • Sales Automation
  • Sales Asset Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • MSP Advantage Program
  • Full Suite Channel Enablement
  • Partner Relationship Management (PRM)
  • Partner Marketing
  • Partner Sales Enablement
  • Partner Concierge Services


Mindmatrix provides pricing details by quote. Contact them directly to get a tailored quote for your enterprise’s needs.

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