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Technical Details Devices Supported
  • Windows
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Web-based
  • Windows Mobile
Customer Types
  • < 250 Medium Businesses
  • 250+ Large Businesses


Mendix is a low-code Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that helps business owners and developers build and deploy apps without worrying about coding. The software facilitates visual development, and offers drag-n-drop flexibility and useful templates. It has both desktop and web developer methods, so your team members can collaborate to seamlessly develop programs and apps. Plus, they can communicate via a web portal to work on apps in a transparent and simple manner.

Mendix offers intuitive, drag-n-drop design tools. It presents template-based app designs that you can extend over several channels. This helps you create responsive apps that can automatically fit and adjust to the size of any desktop, tablet, or phone.


Social Collaboration

You can use Mendix’s social collaboration functions to boost collaboration between your IT and business teams. All team members can get control and insight at all phases of project development. Further, you can collect end-user feedback and supervise projects closely.

Open System

Mendix is an open application that does not enforce lock-ins. It gives you the needed control and flexibility throughout the whole app development process.

Visual Application Deployment

This capability enables you to swiftly deploy a business app. Its visual modeling function helps to boost productivity. Plus, you can enjoy strong support for your app creation workflow.  

Multi-Device and Multi-Channel

Mendix enables you to deliver a great user experience on multiple devices and channels, including desktop, tablet, and smartphone. Its templates and flexible UI enable you to design and deploy responsive and attractive interfaces quickly and easily.

Single-Click Deployment

With Mendix, you can deploy your app with just one click. Plus, you get the option to utilize your existing cloud or the platform’s cloud. You can also opt for on-premise implementation if you prefer it.

Central Application Management

You can use a centralized dashboard to manage all aspects, from configuration to applications and resources. Your IT unit can ensure documentation, management, security, and maintenance from one place.

Integration and Security

Mendix can seamlessly integrate with your existing solutions like SAP, FICO, Salesforce, and Oracle to help you access your information any time. Last but not the least, the vendor provides enterprise-level security to protect your data and apps. 

Product Features

  • Public/private app stores
  • Multi-channel, multi-device
  • Model-driven development
  • Enterprise integration
  • Drag-n-drop forms builder
  • Centralized app governance

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Get started for free

  • Full use of the software’s Studio and Studio Pro IDEs
  • Host unlimited applications in the platform’s cloud for free
  • (1 GB memory + 0.5GB storage per free app)
  • Invite unlimited users for your apps

Pay for what you need

  • Starting from $1,875 per month (billed annually)*

*Monthly charge based on a three-year commitment. Restricted up to 50 internal or 500 external users

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