"With Mavenlink, we can go see where a project is immediately at any point in time...."
Judd Mercer
Creative Director
"Mavenlink strikes the perfect balance between robustness and ease of use. Adoption is easy and the ab..."
Kasim Aslam
"We like to call ourselves a small business consultancy. We're implementing web-based products to make..."
Tim Sims
"Having the ability to look forward one to two months out and answer the following questions: Do we ne..."
Peter Smith
Chief Operating Officer & President
"Many team members work remotely, so we need systems, standard procedures, and documentation to run li..."
Liz Tunquist
Operations Manager
"If you could even see the complex web of spreadsheets we had put together to be able to link our proj..."
Katie Allen
Director of Customer Success Operations
"Mavenlink strikes an excellent balance between flexibility and predefined use cases that map to the w..."
Tom Hobbs
Managing Director
"I LOVE this software!..."
OnShore Technology Group
"We did a great deal of research ahead of time. We thought it would be hard for us to find something t..."
Omar Al-Omar
Senior Manager of Customer Success Operations
"What excites us about Mavenlink is the ability to have a world-class project management platform that..."
Trey Traviesa
Chief Executive Officer
"Efficiency and productivity were the biggest factors in our decision to use Mavenlink. For us, people..."
Jennifer Niccolai
Director of Human Resources
"Mavenlink is all-encompassing; we manage our entire project lifecycle in Mavenlink. From the day we d..."
Kevin Jenkins
Director Of Strategy And Corporate Development
"With this system, not only will our people be more fully engaged, but we’ll also be able to easily re..."
Brandon Ledford
Vice President, Human Capital
"One thing that comes to mind that we couldn’t quantify before Mavenlink was client acquisition cost...."
Robert Holloway
Vice President Of Sales Operations
"Thank you for an amazing training experience! While the learnings and report outcomes were fantastic,..."
Laurel Hamilton
Sr. Production Strategist
"It's been great to see how Mavenlink has gone above and beyond in not just helping us be successful u..."
Courtney Barnes
Sr. Project Manager

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