"It’s so much more to us than just a broadband connection. We are excited about that and about the par..."
Talli Denney
Director, Retail Technology
"Our interest in iPass lies in its ability to keep our global workforce securely and cost-effectively..."
Tony Young
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
"For us, iPass has been a success from day one, providing high-quality connectivity that meets mobile..."
Martin Ogden
"We piloted a test group first, those who traveled a lot and were influential with the company...."
Guy Schofield
IT Delivery Manager, Ericsson Australia
"We also continue to diversify our capabilities, especially in our Dedicated Contracts Services segmen..."
Brandon Stanley
"iPass is a really great partner. Their turnkey deployment exceeded our expectations...."
Lori Yoos
Divisional Vice President
"That used to be something we had to pay extra for. Now that’s all included in the service, and it’s v..."
Adrian Pope
Senior Project Manager
"IT has changed a lot over the years, but the same basic principles have always applied: we must outfi..."
Theodore Lamour
Director of IT Infrastructure Support

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