"We chose Infogix Solutions because they uniquely met our demanding information integrity requirements..."
Tom Fisher
Senior VP and CIO
"Siloed data in disparate systems obscured the end-to-end visibility of call routing and true margin..."
Tier-1 U.S. CSP
"Overall, the Infogix visibility platform is providing real-time process monitoring and results on-dem..."
Top 10 US Commercial Bank
"Through a Managed Service, 39% of revenue leakage was recouped, resulting in increased margins and p..."
Leading Asia-Pacific Region Communications Service Provider (CSP)
"Customers are not static, so the Propensity Score is updated throughout each customer’s lifecycle usi..."
Service Provider with 34 Million Customers
"The process that moves policies from purchase to issuance is particularly critical, with its real-tim..."
Top 10 Property & Casualty Insurer
"Fraudsters use hacked network connections to call PRN services as many times as possible before dete..."
Tier-I North American Carrier Providing Next Generation Wireless Services
"The model’s ability to accurately predict each delinquent subscriber’s collectability enabled the pri..."
Leading North American Triple Play Provider

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