Frequently Asked Questions
Describe who the software is best for - their role(s) within what kind of companies.
HouseCall Pro is the #1 rated field service management system. It is ideal for industries including carpet cleaning, window cleaning, maid service, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, appliance repair, pest control, and more. The cloud-based platform eases communication between technicians out in the field and administrative staff in the office with its real-time updates. All small-to-medium sized service businesses can benefit from HouseCall Pro.
How does this software benefit them?
HouseCall Pro digitally automates business processes, saving professionals up to 15 hours of time every week. By easily keeping all operations organized, HouseCall Pro increases the efficiency of service businesses. HouseCall Pro also improves customer relations by sending on-my-way notifications, appointment reminders, as well as postcard and email marketing campaigns.
How technical do users need to be to use the software?
The system is very easy-to-use! In fact, HouseCall Pro recently was awarded with the title of #1 Most User-Friendly Field Service Management program. Even people who are not tech-savvy can get the hang of how to use it.
What makes Housecall Pro a leader in this space?
HouseCall Pro has won many awards for being the best in this space. It has consistently been rated as the #1 Field Service Management App. HouseCall Pro has also won awards for its affordability, ease of use, and more.
Who are your biggest competitors (3-5 companies)?
mHelpdesk, Jobber, Kickserv, Wintac, GeoOp
How/why is Housecall Pro better than those competitors (or most others in their market)? What about it is unique, stronger, easier, etc.?
HouseCall Pro is simple to use, yet extremely powerful. It takes advanced mobile technology and puts it in an intuitive program that anyone can learn. Further, HouseCall Pro is the only system to combine operations management, customer relationship management, and marketing automation in an all-in-one system.
What kind of features can customers expect to see in the near future? And longer term?
The engineering team at HouseCall Pro is constantly working to improve the program. Some of the newest features including an online booking widget that professionals can put on the websites. The widget allows a business' website visitors to schedule appointments right on the spot, increasing the conversion of leads.
Which popular or common software does your product integrate with?
HouseCall Pro integrates with Google Calendar and Google Maps, providing turn-by-turn directions to jobs. HouseCall Pro also seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks Online and allows professionals to import their customer database, job history, and service list from the accounting software, making it easier than ever to get started.
Software pricing can often be complex. If it's pretty straightforward, list tiers, pricing (per year, seat, etc), limits, etc. If it's not simple, use broad estimates or ranges for typical setups.
HouseCall Pro has three different pricing plans: Start, Grow, and Manage. The Start plan ($35 monthly) is for single Owner/Operators and includes postcard and email marketing and access to live chat customer support. The Grow plan ($89 monthly) allows unlimited users, access to job dispatching, company in-app chat, QuickBooks Online integration, and your own custom SMS # for customer notifications. The Manage plan ($179 monthly) offers customizable reporting, employee GPS map tracking, and the website booking widget.
Is there a trial or free download available?
Yes, the HouseCall Pro app is free to download for both iOS and Android. We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee for anyone who signs up with a premium plan.
What kind of training/education is offered?
HouseCall Pro offers unlimited training sessions to enrolled users. There is no extra cost for our training programs. We also have an extensive help section with FAQs, tutorials, on top of unlimited support from Customer Success representatives.
Describe the implementation process and timeline.
To determine if HouseCall Pro is right for your business, we offer a live 30 minute web demo, where you get an in-depth walkthrough of the platform. We assist throughout the on-boarding process by helping you set up your account, import customers, and with free training sessions.
What are the support options? List all.
Premium users have access to unlimited, 24/7 live chat support and phone support. Free training sessions are also unlimited.