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Hitachi ID Systems provides complete privileged access management, password management, and access governance and identity management solutions. These tools help to enhance IT security, support regulatory compliance, reduce IT support and access administration costs, and augment user service.

The Hitachi ID Suite consists of three products:

Hitachi ID Identity Manager to handle accounts, entitlements, and attributes utilizing policy enforcement, access certification, requests/approvals, and automation.

Hitachi ID Password Manager assists users to handle their own credentials – tokens, passwords, biometrics, security questions, certificates, and smart cards.

Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager to manage access to privileged accounts as well as security groups, via session monitoring, access requests, and password randomization/vaulting.


Benefits of Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager

To the Organization

Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager enhances the security of privileged accounts by:

Removing well-known, shared, and static passwords

Ensuring that former IT employees are not able to access vital infrastructure

Demanding robust, personal authentication of users before they can access privileged accounts

Enforcing strong policy over which users can access privileged accounts

Recording an exhaustive audit trail of privileged login sessions

Further, Privileged Access Manager decreases the cost of managing passwords of privileged accounts by automating the password storage, change, and disclosure procedure.

To Individual Application and System Administrators

There are numerous advantages to administrators who leverage Privileged Access Manager as a replacement for manual control of privileged passwords:

Single sign-on to privileged accounts – Login into the Privileged Access Manager portal once and start as many privileged login sessions as needed from there, without needing to re-authenticate.

No need to find the existing value of passwords to privileged accounts (for instance, through a paper list, spreadsheet, request process, etc.).

Not needing to know the existing value of privileged passwords as they be numerous.

Not needing to change privileged passwords manually, which can be difficult to coordinate among multiple programs or users that need to know it.

Concurrency control – Learning which other users are working on a system simultaneously and if needed preventing concurrent alterations to the same platform.

Accountability – If an alteration was made at particular time, admins can clearly know who did it. If there’s an issue, it’s simple to view who to speak to about that change to resolve the concern.

Product Features

  • Randomize privileged account passwords
  • Flexible access disclosure mechanisms
  • Secure credential vault
  • Policy to control access
  • Risk scoring access requests
  • Session recording
  • SSH key management
  • Secure and monitor vendor access
  • Change Windows service account passwords
  • Secure application-to-application passwords
  • Reports, analytics, and dashboards


Hitachi ID Systems offers pricing information on request. Contact them directly to get a personalized quote for your organization’s requirements.

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