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Gensuite offers cloud-hosted environmental, health and safety (EHS) tools on both mobile and desktop platforms. Small and large organizations can use these solutions to monitor their environmental impact, take care of employees’ health, and manage the safety status of vital assets like equipment and others. The software also helps to manage safety procedures and programs, equipment maintenance, environmental compliance, and compliance and audit assurance.

With Gensuite EHS, you can manage and assess risks, spot program issues and improvement opportunities, schedule training, carry out program audits, quantify resource and energy savings, and more. The platform is offered in 18 translated interfaces.


Audit Management

Gensuite can be leveraged by corporate and site teams for program assessments and regulatory compliance audits utilizing licensed or internally built auditing protocols. You can schedule and carry out audits, and manage auditors for improved efficiency and control in your enterprise’s audit process. Plus, you can use the option to build customized inspection checklists for your company’s needs. Further, you can meet inspection program requirements, delegate responsibility, and monitor completion.

EHS Incident Reporting

Gensuite’s EHS incident reporting features can be effectively utilized by employees, EHS staff, medical supervisors, and first aid responders to perform root cause analysis and incident investigation, and to track preventive and corrective actions, and return-to-work schemes. You can share learning and incident monitoring organization-wide, and also recommend and monitor follow-up actions.

Other Useful Features

With Gensuite, you can create a digital management platform to comply with standards like VPP and ISO, and delineate program goals for all facilities in your company. You can integrate Gensuite with workers comp, medical, and occupational health platforms for program visibility and case tracking. The software’s logs and integrated regulatory reports present robust charting, reporting, and insights. Finally, the system facilitates risk evaluation communication to all staff members in the processes, and permits you to use the training compliance feature to conduct safety training for employees.

Product Features

  • Audit tool
  • Change management
  • Chemical management
  • Compliance calendar
  • Contractor management
  • Employee engagement
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Incident management
  • Inspection tool
  • Permit manager
  • Reg tracker
  • Training compliance


Gensuite offers pricing information by quote. Contact the vendor directly to get a personalized quote for your enterprise’s needs.

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