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FreeWave Technologies (www.freewave.com) is the leading provider of wireless Machine to Machine (M2M) solutions that deliver reliable access to data for leading companies in the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) markets. Organizations seeking to maximize the value of wirelessly connecting M2M devices in the field repeatedly turn to FreeWave because of the company’s 20-plus years of M2M experience, where it has deployed more than 1,000,000 units to over 5,000 customers across the globe. FreeWave’s fast, flexible and easy-to-deploy solutions streamline connectivity over long distances to create significant operational efficiencies for oil and gas producers, government and defense contractors, agricultural equipment manufacturers, energy and smart grid networks, municipalities and more.

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Wireless, Utilities, Smart Grid, Oil and gas, Industrial IoT, SCADA, M2M, Path Studies, Government & Defense, Precision Agriculture, Water/Wastewater, Energy, Irrigation, Smart Municipalities, Data Communications, Data Backhaul

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