Frequently Asked Questions
Describe who the software is best for - their role(s) within what kind of companies.
FreeAgent CRM delivers a next-gen work experience. Our cloud-based platform help teams unlock productivity and grow sales effortlessly. Stay in the zone, with AI-guided selling. See only what you need when you need it, with a flow-based feed of personalized and prioritized tasks and key insights. Zoom in and out between high-level overviews and deep-dive activity tracking that all happens automagically. Track and celebrate activities that lead to sales and happy customers.
How does this software benefit them?
• Efficiency meets happy. FreeAgent CRM automagically logs and organizes all your emails, meetings, and calls so you spend way more time selling and way less time on admin.

• A workday full of impact. AI-assisted prioritization of next steps keeps you working on what matters most. Effortlessly flow through sales-driving activities that build customer relationships and drive revenue.

• Add the time dimension. Discover the only CRM that enables sales leaders to track every change in week-by-week snapshots of pipeline and linked activity.

• Zoom in. Combine high-level insights with deep-dive tracking; with pivot-able, sum-able boards across all of your CRM data - leads, accounts, deals, and more.

• Ready, set, action. Establish gates and controls and enforce best practice in every deal. Continually optimize your processes and workflows for the ultimate winning play.

• Foster a high-five culture. Hustle Board tracks individual and team activity and celebrates the incremental small steps that lead to BIG sales.
How technical do users need to be to use the software?
It's very important for us that new users become ramped and productive as soon as possible, we made a platform very easy to use and intuitive, that doesn't require the previous CRM experience for high user adoption.
What makes FreeAgent CRM a leader in this space?
We are the most advanced CRM Cloud Computing Software, our technology, architecture, infrastructure and cloud service are years-ahead from our competitors.
Who are your biggest competitors (3-5 companies)?
How/why is FreeAgent CRM better than those competitors (or most others in their market)? What about it is unique, stronger, easier, etc.?
Old CRM isn’t connected to the digital world (email, phone, calendar, etc.) It only knows what reps
type in, which is next to nothing, once implemented, are blank. They are used to generate reports, but even those reports fail to contain any meaningful information- there’s no context.

That's why we made a new CRM that's Easier to Use, Less Expensive and Quick and Simple to Implement.

Unlock productivity
Increase visibility
Unleash sales
Which popular or common software does your product integrate with?
We offer native integration with Gmail, Outlook 365, IMAP email, Twilio, MailChimp and Zapier.

We connect to 1500+ apps like LinkedIn, Intercom, Slack, Facebook, Google Sheets and more, via Zapier.

API available
Software pricing can often be complex. If it's pretty straightforward, list tiers, pricing (per year, seat, etc), limits, etc. If it's not simple, use broad estimates or ranges for typical setups.
Pricing by user based on features.
Is there a trial or free download available?
We offer a full-service free trial
What kind of training/education is offered?
Support for end-users via in-app chat
Access to explainer videos, how-to-guides, online tutorials and more
Shared best practices on measuring successful adoption and value creation
Describe the implementation process and timeline.
Custom onboarding assistance via implementation packages to ensure your project's success.
What are the support options? List all.
Our team is your team! Relax with the highest-rated team of customer care and dedicated product specialists, dedicated to your success.

Standard and Premium Support Option Available

Online Chat and Phone Support included.