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Elasticsearch is an open source search and analytics solution that is built for horizontal scalability, easy management, and reliability. The system uses developer-friendly, complex query language to fuse the speed of search with the power of analytics. It optimizes simplicity with its ability to work at any level without impacting power and performance.

Elasticsearch offers a host of features for several use cases. It stores information centrally to assist you to visualize the expected and uncover the unexpected. The software allows you to query and analyze with speed and scalability. Further, it develops and maintains clients in multiple languages, including Groovy, Python, .Net, and Java. These languages are simple to work with and feel natural.


Perform Multiple Searches

Elasticsearch is a RESTful and distributed application that assists you to query your information. It permits you to merge and perform several searches, including geodata, metric, structured, and unstructured searches. After you query data, you can match and assess it to discover important insights. The software’s aggregations enable you to uncover vital patterns and trends.

Range of Features

The capability to glean immediate answers enhances the manner in which you relate to data alterations. Elasticsearch uses inverted indices that contain finite state transducers to facilitate full-text querying. This allows you to be swift and iterate to query more. Further, the platform offers BKD trees for storing numeric and geo data, plus column store for analytics. The indexing permits you to access and leverage your data more quickly.

Effortless Scalability

Elasticsearch is easily scalable and it works optimally both on your laptop or PC as well as on several servers managing petabytes of data. This assists you to scale horizontally effortlessly and manage copious events per second, as well as automatically handle the distribution of indices and queries. You can rapidly progress from prototype to production and seamlessly run the software on a single node or on a 300-node cluster.

Xpack Capabilities

The Elasticsearch Xpack permits you to delegate username and password to a cluster, track performance, run machine learning tasks to identify anomalies, etc. Install the Xpack to avail features and benefits such as security, monitoring, graph exploration, alerting, reporting, and machine learning.

Product Features

  • Alerting
  • Analyze
  • Client libraries
  • Machine learning
  • Management
  • Monitoring
  • Query
  • Reporting
  • Scalability
  • Security


Elastic Cloud Pricing

  • Elasticsearch Service – Starting at $17/month
  • App Search Service – Starting at $49/month
  • Site Search Service - Starting at $79/month

Contact the vendor directly to get the pricing details of Elastic On-Prem Standalone and Elastic On-Prem Orchestration packages.

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