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Egencia is a travel management platform that helps to simplify expense reporting, improve business travel compliance, and boost adoption of business travel policy. With this software, you can control travel spend and increase travel savings with negotiated rates. Plus, you can effortlessly monitor spending levels.

Egencia gives you full visibility on compliance and spend with up-to-date data and powerful reporting tools. Streamline policy management with automated approval requests and clear guidance. This system empowers you to book and manage trips in the app, over the phone, and online. The Expedia Group inventory gives travelers a wide array of travel choices.


Travel Management Made Simple

Updated travel information at your fingertips simplifies travel management, when you are booking a new trip, modifying details of an existing plan, or approving staff travel.

Policy Compliance

Integrate your company policy into your travel management system to make things simpler for all parties. Travelers can pick from pre-approved choices, while approvers can sanction with one click.

More than 475 airlines and 500,000 hotels give your travelers plenty of options, making compliance simple.

Use updated reporting and analytics to monitor and optimize your travel management policy.

Traveler profile info and travel policy are synced to stay compliant and produce happy travelers.

Risk Management

Egencia partners with top security providers to enable you to keep your travelers safe.

Traveler Tracker allows you to effortlessly locate travelers and provides you fresh news updates in 15-minute intervals.

Incident awareness allows you to educate travelers about events that could affect their trip.

Geographic risk level indicators assist you to evaluate and restrict travel to places with high risk levels.

Expense Management

Egencia’s expense reporting feature helps you save time. Its expense management can work seamlessly with your company, whether you’re utilizing a strong expense solution or basic spreadsheets.

Reporting made simple with an automated, linked method to expenses.

Egencia Open Sync connects personal credit cards to expense platforms for effortless reimbursement reporting.

Egencia Open Connect gives you a choice of over 20 expense management vendors to automatically deliver data and save money and time handling travel expenses from beginning to finish.

Product Features

  • Customer service
  • Meetings and events
  • Savings and analytics
  • Travel management
  • Travel management consulting
  • Traveler satisfaction


Egencia offers pricing information on request. Contact the company directly to get a custom quote for your enterprise’s needs.

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